On a quick note…

My WordPress domain is not meant to be something arrogant or conceited; it is simply meant to reflect on my name, which is Albert Wang.

I just discovered that I have to use IE or FF with this… I normally use Opera and made the mistake of disallowing cookies. Cookies are forever banned from WordPress by Opera. This probably means that I won’t be going on WordPress very often.

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    1. It’s much faster on the PC. And sorry, it’s not compatible with Mac.
      If I want to go on my facebook page, It takes about…2.3 seconds. If I try to go from Firefox or Internet Explorer, it takes probably 6 or 7 with Firefox and around 15 with IE.

      Plus there’s many things built in. It has its own torrent downloader, and a thing called speed dial. I can set up to nine of my most important websites to numbers and at any time, I can hold control and press that number and I will navigate to that page.

      There is also synchronization. You create an account and it synchronizes automatically. Then when you reformat your computer or install Opera on another computer, your speel dials and your bookmarks travel with you.

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