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Hahahaha. I’m still having trouble using this thing. It feels like the beginning of Facebook all over again.
Except much harder. Facebook wasn’t that hard at all, honestly.

Now that I think about it… there’s so many ideas I’ve thought of that I haven’t gotten to express because of fear.

Last time I posted a note on Facebook about what I thought the world was coming to, people just went off on me. That’s why I haven’t wanted to write any more.
I will write anyway. I hope you don’t kick by butt if you disagree with me.

Here goes:

The music industry is corrupt. People would rather see a pretty face on stage than listen to music. Every time I ask about the Jonas Brothers, some girl tells me that she thinks they’re hot. We see (saw) a similar pattern with Miley Cyrus, Hillary Duff and Britney Spears.  Fans of these people seem not to know about the magic of audio editing.

School…feels like a Communism. Except not. Lol…? It’s like, its own system of government. It’s hard to explain. Everybody is “equal” and they’re given different work to be graded upon. If you do something bad, you have to suffer consequences. Teachers are like police that are supposed to help you on the long run, and when they catch you doing something bad, they report to the vice principal (police chief/judge?) to deal with you. The sports and music are a way of the schools competing against each other, like nations would go to war.

Myspace is copies Facebook. Just look at the “People you may know” and such.

People are different personalities on the internet than in real life. People who are usually quiet and reserved in real life get a chance to express their feelings to people who probably don’t want to listen on the internet and become loudmouths.  However, people who are loudmouths in real life become even louder mouths on the internet.

I’ll try to include some jokes in my blogs too. None of these jokes are of my making. Uh, some might be inappropriate, but I’ll tell you beforehand if it is.
Here’s one to start.
Gosh, all these are so long. I’ll go with short ones.

A hamburger walks into a bar and asks for a drink. The bartender replies, “Sorry, we don’t serve food here.”
I hope I don’t have to explain.

That’s about it.

Now where’s that publish button?
Seriously, I can’t find it.
Oh, there it is.

I added an RSS feed with jokes on it. I’ll do that instead of the joke per blog thing.

2 Replies to “random thoughts”

  1. i think ji is pretty consistent between her internet and real persona.

    it’s not the music industry that’s corrupt, it’s the pop industry. pop industries all around the world are corrupt, but america being the biggest one, gets the most attention.

  2. you think the music industry is corrupted?
    maybe its because of people like you who illegally download their music

    😀 hahahahahah

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