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I’ve been talking to a few middle schoolers lately. It seems like the girls are having problems with their friends. This made me realize… Middle school…is the time when kids think they’re “mature” enough to start dating and such, but what they don’t realize is that they’re still massively immature because they do stuff to each other that makes the other person feel like crap. In my eyes, if you don’t have the heart to be modest and to think about other people before you think about yourself, you really haven’t matured yet. If you can’t be responsible for yourself in getting up for school, making your own breakfast and getting good grades, you’re not mature. Technically, we’re not mature because my mom wakes us up and prepares breakfast for us and takes us to school. But that’s not my point.

Tea is good for the soul. It’s not only full of antioxidants, but the warmth of it sends pleasure throughout your body. You should drink it often.

I know this one girl that apologizes because she laughs. She’s gotten in trouble before, for laughing, but nothing bad comes from laughter, other than your abs being sore. I don’t know why she would apologize for laughing… Laughter is fun.

I also noticed that girls always think that they’re ugly/fat…even when they’re not. At all. It really bothers me. I try to tell them that they’re not and they’re like, “Yes I ammmmm.” Gah.
Things the pastors went over that we’re supposed to follow:

Keep the Sabbath.
Go to God first  when you have troubles.
Be wise.
God is good.
God forgives.
Jesus died for us.

That’s about it.

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  1. haha.
    I really like this; it’s amazing!
    You are a great writer/person ha.
    I feel special now..


    Do you like my perfect puncuation!??!
    (I think it’s right..)

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