Why do we have to go through school?

Does it seem like they put us through school just to put us through stress, watch people commit suicide over “cyber-bullying,” or to help the economy by having us buy school supplies?

Why does the government care?

Do they really, if anyone becomes an internationally acclaimed genius, want to brag and say, “Heh. He/She is from AMERICA, Bee-otch!” or something similar?

Do they get us into routine so we can prepare for our future lives, where, after we come “real” people, we’ll do the same stuff every day, over and over, until we can do it with our eyes closed?
But what would be the point of that? Would we be subconciously working for the government?

Are they, in actuality, stealing part of the taxes we pay for school and putting it into a secret underground operation that will help them in the destruction of the world?

I’m not seeing anything good happening with those tax dollars we put into the school system. Mostly retarded teachers that can’t teach or outdated textbooks.

Where is the money going?

But most of all, why? Nobody seems to be able to answer this question.

…I feel like I’m wasting blogs.

teh intranetz

It’s funny how..no, it’s not funny. I’ve read too many entries that start with “It’s funny how…” It’s become a cliche.

Anyway, It’s funny how the internet influences our life. And as far as I see it, the internet is doing more harm than good. People who use the internet on a daily basis are more likey to use acronyms that don’t work in real life. I know, for a fact, that I say “lol” at least twenty times a day, not including the times I actually say it out loud.

Here’s my prediction of how the world will turn out. People will forget the rules of grammar and punctuation. ppl will rite essays like this n evrythng will b koo. cept those who immigrate and try to learn the language. theyll have the crap confused out of em.  We’ll rely on word processers to fix our grammatical and spelling errors. If you ask anyone  who’s advanced enough in English, they’ll tell you that word processing grammar FAILS. It’s absolutely terrible. Either way…SAT scores will drop lower to lower, to the point where a 1300 is considered laudable (and lolable…LOL). Someone will invent technology for us where we don’t have to speak but can type stuff and have it displayed in front of us. They’ll invent moving chairs, where we don’t have to walk. Kind of like in Wall-E. And all of us get so fat that there isn’t enough muscle in our faces to move the fat around. Then someone’ll invent something that’ll put expression on our faces. For example, you’ll write 😀 and there will be a little cut-out thing in front of your face with 😀 on it. Yeah, very retarded-sounding. I know.

Sure, you can use the internet to “research” or “get help from peers,”  but the risks outweigh the benefits. In your casual “surfing” of the net, you’ll, more-likely-than-not, come across some sort of Myspace or Facebook page. And the noob (another internet slang word) that you are, you go and meet someone and get raped.

Actually, about the word “noob”… I heard my third grade teacher use it. I’m sure she meant it in the way of “newb,” which is short for “newbie.” She was talking about some of the new teachers. That was the first time I had heard it used outside of the internet.

Anyway, we’ll end up stuck inside our houses, have stuff made and delivered to us by robots, and “hang out” through virtual means because we’ll be too fat to get up off our seats.

I think that’s it.


Sorry if that last post offended any of you women (and maybe some men) out there. Foamy made it a little harsher than I had intended it (for those of you who don’t know, Foamy is the squirrel).


I’ve wondered a lot of things over the past few years. I’ll number them so you can answer them. 😀

1) Why don’t we consider the guy who invented soap as one of the greatest scientists? Oh, wait. It may have been used in 4000BC. Why isn’t it considered one of the greatest inventions, next to the wheel?
2) Why does nationalism exist?
3) How did the Nazis think of the ways in eradicating the Jews?
4) When the colonists came from Great Britain, how did they lose (or gain) their accents?
5) Where does racism come from?
6) Where do words come from? How do we come up with names for things? Why do we call apples apples? Why do we call  orange oranges oranges?
7) How is the N word offensive? They probably said “black” in spanish and changed it by saying it fast. If I said “white” in a foreign language, and changed it by saying it quickly, would you be offended?
8) [NOT SUPPOSED TO BE A SUNGLASSES FACE] Why do people blow things waayyy out of proportion? Is it to send people on a guilt trip?
9) Why must we learn history in school?
10) Why is it required by law to go to school?
11) Why don’t people follow the proper rules of grammar when on the internet?
12) y do they always talk like this
13) without punctuation or capitalization
14) and incorrect spelling
15) Dangit, I can’t even do it.
16) Has anyone else noticed…. There’s been such a large jump in technology that if you talked about “blogging” or “googling” something fifty years ago, or using the internet on your phone, or being able to fit the equivalent of  20,000 turntable records into a little two-inch by three-inch by 1/8-inch thingy with a wheel on it that fits into your pocket, they’d look at you like you had gone mentally insane?

This brings up my next topic: The internet. It will be up later.

the perfect lie

Everybody lies. You, me, PM (I know he’s reading this), your teachers, my teachers, your parents, my parents… They all either lie now, or have lied before. It’s a given. Lying is human nature. But there’s a certain lie that goes on all around the world without consequence. This lie…it is told by billions of people everyday, and yet we think nothing of it. This lie is called:


Think about it. Why do people wear makeup? They wear it to make themselves prettier, without doubt, but those who wear it are only hiding behind a mask. And what are masks? They are covers; something you see on the outside that is different from the inside. You are seeing something false, rather than something true. And if you see something false rather than true, you are seeing a LIE.

Makeup can even hurt you in the long term. If you look up ingredients mascara (the not-expensive kind), you can find things like bat excrement. For those who don’t know what that means,  it means POOP. BAT POOP in your MASCARA. Fun stuff.

You know what, I can’t get my ideas across so I found a little animation by Jonathan Ian Mathers (from Illwillpress) that expressed my ideas perfectly. Here’s a link.

Warning: Mild cursing will ensue.

That’s it for now.


If you read my blog, please leave a comment or at least tell me if you read it. If you know me personally. I don’t like people stalking me and knowing my thoughts without me knowing who it is. Kthxbai

So. Here’s a story for y’all.

Every year my mom makes me voluteer at Columbia Elementary. I don’t know why; I guess it’s supposed to keep me from my home so I can get my homework done elsewhere. Last year I spent an hour and a half every Tuesdays and Thursdays at Columbia. The first half hour I sat in the library and cut out laminated book covers for the librarians, among other things, such as shelving books. Then I went over to a different classroom and helped kids with their reading. The kids were playful and everything, and sometimes it got really out of hand, but it was all good.

Anyway, this year I went back and asked the front desk if there were any classrooms that needed volunteers. They told me that they would call me a few days later, which they never did. So I went back again and they told me that Lifeskills I needed volunteers.  For those of you who don’t know, Lifeskills I is where they put the kids that struggle the most with living their life. The first thing I thought was, “no…” I really did not want to hang around “mentally retarded challeneged kids” as I quote myself, and I felt that I was lowering myself down to their level.

That was in January. Now that it’s March, my conception on them has changed so much. So much. I really adore those kids. They’re always on my mind now when I’m not there.  But I have learned so much while I was there.

One of the things I learned that children with mental illnesses have such good behavior. There’s no screaming, no running around, no not listening…well, there is, but it’s so subtle. There’s no talking back, and most of all, there’s no discrimination. I think this is one of the most important things. If you look around on the playgrounds of elementary schools, you’ll probably find that usually people who are alone or are getting picked on are different in some way; either physically or religiously or however else they may be different. There is one Asian kid in the class, named Ian, a kid whose nationality I can’t figure out (he looks like the way I did when I was younger) named Jason (weird, huh?) a Mexican (I think) named Alex, two hispanics named Mennan and James, and a bunch of white kids named Jorden, Kate, and Emily. Oh boy, I think I’m missing one. Nope, that’s it. Anyway, you can see the racial difference in that one classroom. And yet, none of them point it out. Sure, you can say something like, “It’s because they don’t have them mental capability to point it out.” That’s right. That’s because since their minds are developing more slowly than their bodies are, they have the minds of little children. Watch little children play with each other. There is no discrimination amongst them.

There is another thing about them. While some of them only have mental problems, others have physical problems as well. For example, Jorden is apparently unable to eat through his stomach. When he laughs it sounds like there is a whole lot of mucus in his throat and he can’t talk or anything. And he drools a lot because he can’t swallow his spit. I stayed a few minutes after school one day and I saw one of the teachers going over to him and lifting up his shirt. There was a little valve thing, the kind that you would find on inflatable toys like inner tubes.  She opened up the valve and stuck a pipe in it, and put a graduated cylinder thingy with an opening at the end, connected to the pipe which went into the valve. She measured out water from a bottle and poured it in there. It went in there pretty quickly, and all the time I was wondering, “….what???” And kinda was like, O_O????

Oh well.  I think I’d rather have a mentally challenged kid than a regular kid. It probably wouldn’t be a good thing, and upkeep would probably be high, but they’re sure as hell a lot better behaving kids. Unless it was Joseph.