The trek. 4.24

So today I decided to take my own advice and walk without my Zune. Actually, someone convinced me to go outside because it was a sunny day. And I left my house with only my keys, phone and wallet. I even left my jacket at home. It’s okay. I didn’t need it. So from 4PM to around 7PM, I was wandering about, aimlessly, in Mukilteo. I walked about 6.08 miles. Felt good.

This is where I walked.This is where I walked.

Today… was such an epic day, even if I was tired and in pain at the end. It was all worth it, I would have to say. I was texting people as I walked out of my neighborhood, walking onto Mukilteo Speedway. I made a stop at Taekwondo and chatted with a few of the guys there (who, by the way, are great people). After that I headed up in the direction of school; I didn’t really know what I was doing or where to go,  so I just walked.

I walked to Friend 1’s house; we were having small groups later that day and I thought I would stop by and see how he was doing. Turned out he wasn’t home. I went inside and found nobody. I sat for a while, then decided to go out. On my way out, I saw his mom pulling weeds. It was so awkward. She must have thought I was a thief or something.

So I left, and I kept walking in the direction I was heading. I noticed a girl from my school leaving her house; I was friends with her brother, a seventh grader, and I decided to stop in to loot his food supply before heading out again.  And so I left, asking people if they were home, to see if I could stop by and say hello. Most of the time I was not welcome;  so I continued walking. I walked and walked, walking through places I’ve always wanted to walk through but had never had the chance before. I walked through the Harbour Pointe loop thingy. And throughout this whole trip, I noticed a few things. Here they are in list form:

1) Mukilteo is a lot nicer than I thought. I guess most of what I see is industrial.
2) I usually test the driving skills of drivers when I walk. Sometimes I wave them by when I’m trying to cross a street; if they go, then they’re not good drivers. I think. If they wave me to go by, then they are.  Pedestrians have the right of way.
3) There were a few people that passed me that actually greeted me. I was suprised. I didn’t think anybody would actually greet me.
4) There was some guy, after I stopped running, that I came up behind, and he must have thought I was a threat or something because he kept glancing back at me.
5) I lost my train of thought.

Anyway, on the way back, I hopped a gate and landed on my leg funny and now it hurts. Nothing too bad, I hope.

This blog turned out to be longer than expected.

Next trek scheduled for… I don’t know when. Whenever I have time. Someone should welcome me into his/her home.

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  1. I love getting out and just walking. Unfortunately my house is a long way from just about everything, so i dont have the opportunity to do that a lot.

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