We’ve been talking about evolution in Biology for the past month or so, and it’s really gotten me to think.

We’ve evolved up until this point, to this thing we are now. Animals evolve. And let’s just say that we evolved as well.

All up until the point when the first person started to use a tool…

Man has been creating things for the good of themselves.

So, rather than humans adapting to better suit their environment,

what we get is humans changing the environment to better suit their needs.

We  see this most prominently in the biggest of cities.

We have cars. We have buildings. We have roads. We have clothes.

We have chairs. Beds. Tables.

None of these things were used by the very veeeeery first humans.

Then, after all this adapting of environment, we get humans adapting to better suit their changed environment.

People growing taller. As time goes on.

People changing environment to make it easier for the taller ones.

Shorter people dying off because they can’t survive (hopefully not within the next hundred years… there’s plenty of pleasant short people alive today).

Maybe, eventually, we’ll end up looking like people on stilts.

With cities in the skies.

Above the clouds.

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  1. short people will learn to adapt to the tall people. we’ll all live on stilts or do something to make us balance out with the tall ones =D

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