My buddy, Jorden (you know, the one who can’t swallow),  is in the hospital.

Last thursday (which was 5-21-09), he was supposed to leave for Yakima. But right after I left that day he started coughing. He proceeded to go on the trip, but he just kept getting worse and worse.

Eventually, I am told, the family stopped and had him airlifted to children’s hospital.

It turned out that he had some fluid in his lungs, and since his throat is blocked, he can’t cough it out, nor can he tell anybody about it.

If it went unchecked, he would very easily have died from pneumonia.

He was in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) from Friday until Sunday.

He should be okay.

The (land) trek, 5-24

This is where I walked today. Estimated walking distance: 6.81 miles.

I left at 6:30 and got home at around 9:15.

Things I learned/saw today:

Nobody is on the road in the afternoon on Sundays.

Roadkill on the sidewalk =/= Sidewalkkill.

Nathan STILL won’t let me stop by. (I don’t blame him).

Raisins do wonders for your stomach. =D

I saw an Asian girl in a black dress (I think), going by in a black sedan, when I was near BKo’s house… I turned and glanced at her, but she was already turning to the driver, probably to tell him or her that she knows me.

As I was walking by the Crown Park area, and there’s that road that almost nobody uses… there was a bird about three feet away from me. I would have approached it but the sun was already down and I needed to get home.

Every bird has a distinctive call. Even those of the same species. They are just different pitches. And it’s very difficult to imitate a bird call.

The marshy side of the Speedway is very scary. I walked past a patch of grass and saw something move. It might have been a snake, because the part that moved was long and thin.

The sidewalks on the minor roads are about two and a half times as wide as the sidewalks on the major roads. That’s about the same width as one of the lanes on the road.

The drivers of half the cars that drove by me were Asian.

They’re building a lot–I mean A LOT– of new townhouses in the minor roads… That Harbour Reach place. They’re already got a playground set.

“That is all. Dismissed.”

I need your help. Yes, you.

It’s nearing the end of the year and unfortunately, the semester. And the end of the semseter means grades will be coming out.

Right now my grades are looking poopy. Poopy enough to the point where I need to take action. Well, extra action.

Any of you who choose to do so may help me keep accountable. Here’s what I will be doing:


1. I will be activating an internet filter. It will block Facebook, Myspace, and numerous other sites.

2. I will be temporarily be de-activating my Facebook.

3.  I will abstain from playing games as much as I can.

4. I will not go on MSN/AIM/Yahoo.


1. I am trying to limit cell phone use, so if you need to contact me, send me an e-mail.

Actually, the internet filter just about covers it.  Seven of my nine sites I have saved on my speed dial will not be accessible… the ones that are will be wikipedia and google.

Wow. This thing is fail. Anyway. Shoot me a reminder if any of you see me online or anything.

Thanks. Bye.


I’ve heard a few quotes lately, and I want to respond to them. Here’s one:

Iris Gaines: You know, I believe we have two lives.
Roy Hobbs: How… what do you mean?
Iris Gaines: The life we learn with and the life we live with after that.
-The Natural

Hm.  I have to disagree with this one. You see, we live while we learn. But at the same time, you can learn while you live. In fact, since you’re always living, you’re always learning. It’s an ongoing process until your eyes turn blank and you are free from this life. I understand if you think otherwise, but it’s just the way I see it.

“According to sociologist Robert Merton, U.S. culture places too much emphasis on success as a valued goal. From kindergarten to college, teachers prod students to achieve the American dream. Parents and coaches pressure Little League players not just to play well but to win. The media often glorify winning not only in sports but also in business, politics, and other arenas of life. This emphasis on success motivates hard work, thereby contributing to society’s prosperity. But at the same time, people are not equally provided with legitimate means (such as good jobs and other opportunities) for achieving success. There is, then, an inconsistency between too much emphasis on the success goal and too little emphasis on the availability of legitimate means for achieving that goal. Such inconsistency produces a strain among some people, pressuring them to achieve through what Merton calls innovation– using illegitimate means of achieving success, such as committing robbery to selling drugs.
(Adapted from Thio, Society, Myths, and Realities, p.175)

I found this in my Reading for Results book, on page 316.  I found it interesting because it, and I’m using a math metaphor here, intersected my idea. If an idea was the same as mine, it would be parallel. If it was totally off, it would be perpendicular. But this one simply intersected.

I agreed in the fact that our society was based very heavily on success, but I had not realized that too much pressure to do well would result in eventual psychological impairment. Maybe some of the 4.0 students I know now have something in store for them in the future.

Here’s a funny one:

“Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.” -Mark Twain

It’s genius. Yet so simple.

…. aaaaand goodnight.

Dear reader:

I’ve decided to go eco-friendly and turn the background to black, and the font to gray. Supposedly having black background on your screen saves energy, and I don’t doubt it.

There’s many things one can do to save energy. Instead of using Google, use Blackle. http://www.blackle.com/
It’s the same exact thing as Google, only the background and stuff is black.

Another way is to turn down the heat in your home. Well, now that we’re going into summer, you can turn down the air conditioning. Open a window. Put ice cubes in a ziploc and put it on the back of your neck. I don’t know; do something about it.

Eat less meat. I know it doesn’t sound like it would help, but if you eat less meat, it would save some, then some cows wouldn’t have to be killed or something… I don’t know. It does that. :D?

I’m tired, alright? -_-