PDYM reflection

Alright. This post is very not-fluent. Reader beware.

I know it’s a little late for this, but honestly, I was looking through the PDYM notes and memories came flooding back. Here’s a few things that caught my eye:

On the first page, I wrote in big, bold letters:


I guess Pastor Doug was saying something about the ideal leader and the actual leader.

I saw a bunch of things that said “suprise!” and the ten steps to living your life.

1. God gets your attention.

2. You say, “Here I am.”

3. You see a deed.

4. Suprise! God wants you to meet that need.

5. You doubt. “Who am I?”

6. God ansers, “I will be with you.”

7. You do the possible.

8. God does the impossible.

9. You don’t waste your life.

10. God is pleased.

These ten steps are reinforced by three basic guidelines.

1. Be willing to be surprised.

2. Surprise your leaders.

3. Surprise! You are a leader.

The overall goal of this is to become who you (already) are!

There were a few other things I remembered…  this kind of striked me and stuck with me. It is this:

“Leaders are learners. Once you stop leading, you stop learning. Once you stop learning, you stop leading. ” Or something along the lines of that.

I haven’t had much thought about this particular statement, but it has stuck with me, and I don’t know why.

One last thing: the late-night talks.

I think this is actually the best part of the whole trip. We really got a chance to open up to each other and to deal with our problems.  I got a lot of problems solved there.

And the other days where the seniors went downstairs to talk… the non-seniors from their room came up to our room.  Ah. This was the greatest time. We stayed up past 4:30 after people fell asleep, talking about church and generally, life.

What happened in those rooms after hours is what I want (get your minds out of the gutter). I want that fellowship.  I want deep, meaningful talks with my brothers of Christ in places where people won’t care. Unfortunately, there are a few things that prevent this from happening, such as the separation of households and restraint of time.

Well, anyway, PDYM was good. Great, even. If you could have gone but didn’t, you definitely missed out. I’m sorry.



What has it become?

It seems like it’s become nothing more than a competition.

Between me and my friends.

Between me and the rest of the school.

Between me and the world.

It seems as if in this competition, we’ve lost sight of what school really is about.

Colleges say they look at grades. They look at numbers that an individual attains.

But what is the REAL point of school?


So, in this mad scramble to achieve what we can, to get as close as possible to that 4.0, we study and study.

But 90% of this knowledge we gain is forgotten right when the test is over.

Let me ask you this:

We see videos of  Americans being “stupid” like


Who do you think is to blame?

Okay, maybe not the second video.

But I blame the schools, man.  Schools put too much emphasis on the competitive part of schooling.

They don’t even bother to bring up the fact that we’re supposed to be learning.

I don’t know. Maybe they think it’s a given.

But think about it. Does your school do anything that shows that you haven’t been learning?

YES. It’s called a beginning-of-the-year-review!

Why do you need a review if you’ve made sure you’ve learnt it already?

What you’ve done now is  relearn what you had learned all last year, but in a fraction of the time.

But it’s a serious waste of time. We could be learning new concepts during that time.

Either way, this competitiveness of school is stressing kids out, man.

Some of them are driven to their limits. Some bully others. Some commit suicide.

All this for what–to have the child’s family spend more money to learn more stuff that he’ll forget right as the test is over?

Think about it.

Would you rather…?

Please poll before you read.

I have tried many a year to find the perfect ratio for this quiz. And I really want to know what people think.

I have, honestly, always thought that I would enjoy solitude more. As I saw it, groups corrupt the mind. And they do. But if you try to make decisions without groups, you might be in trouble because you might not think of certain consequences.

But individuality is awesome. I really enjoy being me. An individual. I have my thoughts. I have development of ideas. I get what I want, basically. Whatever I want goes. Like communism? You got it. Too bad you’re the only person in the vicinity.

If you don’t mind, I would like a comment on what you voted for and why. That would be great.

Again, I only posted this because I want to know what people think.