I’ve forgiven a lot of people this summer.

And I have to say, it feels good. I’ve made up with people who I’ve held grudges against since as far back as first grade.

There really isn’t much else to write, except this:

If you’re holding a grudge on someone, try your best to forgive and forget. Tell that person, too, that you’re doing so. It’ll be worth your while.

I’d rant again, but…

I just have way too much to say. And at this point, there’s already a ton of people angry at me.

I’m not talking about only Koreans, now. I have my own things to say about each race in the world. Well, at least, what I’ve learned from talking to various people of those races.

But I don’t want to die in the near future. I don’t want my house burned. I don’t want to be ostracized (although I probably already am). But there’s just a few things I want to point out before I shut down.

I do not regret saying anything I did in my last post. I stand by what I said, and I obviously thought about everything in there a long time. Actually, I’ve been planning to write a post like this since PDYM, which was in mid-July. It’s just that things have gotten worse since then.

Some of you yelled, some of you reasoned. Some of you tried to see things from my point of view, but none of you succeeded. I don’t think anybody could understand what I was trying to say without seeing it from my point of view.

I am also not apologizing. I am free, as an American-born citizen, to excersise my right to the first Amendment. I can say what I want without getting arrested. If you guys want to bash me, that’s fine. I still fail to see, however, where I am racist. Everything I’ve said is justified.

Yes. I’m a cynic.

I’ll avoid the rants for now.

I’m “normal.”

If there are two words I hate in this world they are “normal” and “weird,” including all of their synonyms.

Brief history about myself. I grew up studying in an accelerated program; by sixth grade I was doing geometry that high school sophomores do, learning U.S. History that I’m currently relearning this year, as well as Greek history that I relearned in 9th grade. I think some of you can understand why I didn’t particularly enjoy moving over to the Mukilteo school district. They basically forced me to re-learn things. My brain shut down for about four years.

I remember, in that program… kids made fun of us all the time. We were the “challenged” kids.

Also, I’ve had this skin disease that makes me itch.  So, basically, every day since I’ve been born, I’ve been told that either my lips are chapped, or a certain part on my exterior body is bleeding or red (from scratching). About every morning I have a nosebleed. I have a thing on the side of my bed to stop me from falling off (I’m a very violent sleeper).

I’ve always been praised for my “skill” at playing piano. So basically, everybody’s known me as “the guy who’s really good at piano.” And like I said in my previous post, I don’t think I’m that good at it.

People constantly turn to me about problems with their computers. They even go to the extent of calling me a “nerd.”

People constantly call me weird, or “stalker.” I come across as a stalker to them because I do it on purpose. And it’s fun.

I think it’s safe to say that my life isn’t very “normal.”

But what’s normal? Not weird. But what’s weird? Not normal. Yes. Hahahaha. Sorry. Inside joke.

Anyway, what is normal? Everybody’s unique in their own way. Nobody’s normal. Nobody can deem another person “weird” because technically, we’re all weird.

And I lost my train of thought. I guess that’s it for tonight, then.

Au revoir.


Sitting in a hamper with your thumbs up and a 😀 face while someone takes a picture of you is WEIRD. Especially when you post it on facebook. There’s no “normal” for it.

Dear everybody.

Sorry, Chris. This isn’t going to be a happy post.

Dear readers,

If there is anything I’d ask from you… ANYTHING, it would be to please, STOP FEEDING MY EGO.

Seriously. Some of you may say, “but you’re great at this, and that, and that other thing over there.”

But face it. I’m not good at those. And even if you do think I’m good at it, please stop telling me.

Also, if I absolutely SUCK at something, please tell me. That way, I can fix whatever I’m doing wrong and get better at it.

This has been bugging me for the longest time.

And I’m just here to say:

I’m not as good as you think I am. Now leave me alone.

Another ranting post soon to follow.