Meep meep.

Okay, sorry guys. I realize that it’s been a really long time since I last posted, and it’s probably because of video games.

I had a few periods of introspection recently, where I thought about the questions I ask the most, like “why do we learn/go to school?” etc.

I was thinking about philosophy and how I wanted to learn about it. But then I realized that most of it would be reading out of a textbook. I thought to myself, “why do we have to read out of a textbook? I want to just learn everything by myself. I want to conduct my own experiments and research peoples’ habits on my own.” Then it occurred to me: we learn out of textbooks so we could take what we learn from textbooks so we don’t have to re-discover what other people have already discovered and documented. We learn so we can contribute new findings to the field we’re studying; we learn to move the work forward.

The more someone moves the world forward, likely the more the person will be credited.Therefore. The more the person moves the world forward, the more successful the person will be. And money is just a side thing that comes with success.

So yeah, I’ve pretty much just said the same thing. We go to school so we can be successful in the future. But this time, it’s for a different reason entirely, as you can see.


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  1. Jason, you are forgetting that learning through accepting an authoritarian figure is just that. It is taking a statement from someone and accepting it as a fact. For example, someone like a teacher might say, “This sentence connotes a large amount of anger!” however another person might say, “This sentence connotes a large amount of sorrow!” This type of learning creates a discrepancy in your knowledge and allows for people to manipulate your views for political means. Did you know that there are boards that vote and come together to talk about what should go in a text book and what shouldn’t? It’d be much more comforting if a text book only including a large un-concise version of history, not leaving anything anything out. What this boils down to though is that you might want to question more of the things you are learning and experimenting for yourself. Throw convenience to the wind ;D

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