Okay. I have to fume here for a second.

The first half of the year, I tried. I think. Well, I tried. Yeah. I ended up with pretty bad grades.

By mid-3rd quarter, I had an F in English. 36%. So I gave up.

Yeah. I gave up.

But by the end of the quarter I had a C in English. .1% away from a C+.

Now I have a high B. I still haven’t tried.

What the freak.

Oh yeah.

Our orchestra has one chair test before every concert where the teacher listens to us play excerpts from pieces we’re going to be performing.

For the second concert’s piece, I practiced every day, about an hour a day. After chair testing, I had found that I moved down a chair.

This concert’s piece, I probably practiced ten minutes total. I moved up six chairs.

Why didn’t I give up sooner?



I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about my taste in girls.. and I’ve come to this conclusion:

I’m a very traditional Chinese guy. I like little things. Like feet. And people. But that doesn’t mean that I find tall people repulsive or anything. I just prefer littler people.

Now, one of the reasons I’m saying this is this: just because you’re shorter than others, or have a smaller butt (or no butt at all), doesn’t mean that nobody’s going to like you, okay? I can guarantee you that I’m not the only traditional Chinese person on the face of the earth. So stop destroying your bodies by trying to be like those people you see on the cover of Vogue magazine or whatever it’s called. Be yourself. That’s what we like to see.


This isn’t actually what I intended on writing in the first place, but I forgot what I was going to write and this thought popped up in my head. so.

Charles Darwin coined the term “natural selection” when he thought he discovered evolution. I’ve been juggling the term in my mind for a pretty long time, thinking, “what’s the opposite of natural selection?” and such. I came to the conclusion that the opposite of natural selection is artificial selection. But what does that mean? defines “artificial” as “made by human skill; produced by humans.”

Well, if we, as natural beings, hunted a species to extinction, wouldn’t that be natural selection? I mean. I’m all for saving certain species of animal, but isn’t that what they’re there for? We aren’t doing anything different with them than what other animals do to others. Like wolves and deer. Besides, there’s a 100% chance of that species dying out anyways.

Space is crazy big.



It has come to my attention that six out of the eight people I am closest to have drunk in secret. Out of their parents’ sight. All have drunk enough to notice a change in their vision or whatnot. So they’ve all gotten buzzed or drunk.

This pisses me off. I try to reason with them that it’s not what they should be doing.  They all try to tell me that “it won’t be a problem” and that I “shouldn’t worry about it.”

Well, one of my best friends told me that last month and now he’s a freaking alcoholic. Even though he won’t admit it.

Some of you will tell me that it’s “not a big deal.” Yes, it is. It is a big freaking deal.  You’re throwing away your futures. You’re drowning them in your materialistic attempts in pleasing yourself through substances. Plus, you’re underage. You’re breaking the freaking law.

“You break the law all the time, Jason.” No, I don’t. I stopped downloading things. I gave it up because it’s wrong. It took me a huge effort to stop because I’d been doing it for so long. But you drinkers. Your bodies will get used to the alcohol intake and if you quit cold turkey the way I did, you’re going to die.

Now I’ve lost too many relatives to let this happen to any of my friends.

Stop it. Stop it now. Even though I do realize that you won’t take heed to my attempts to stop you from destroying yourselves.



I think censorship is a little counter-productive. Especially censorship in the United States. At least, verbal censorship.

If you think about it, people sometimes only half-censor what they’re saying, like instead of saying the “f” word, they’ll say “f**k” or “S**t” for the “s” word. And when people get yelled at for saying certain words in front of children…

The children will eventually catch on.

As a child, I was smart enough to figure out some of these words on my own. The “f” word included. From the failed censorship I figured out that those words were supposed to be censored and that they could be used as bad words–something that I may not have known otherwise. So I don’t think there really is a point, anymore, in censoring words.

Instead, we should censor visual things. Butts. Boobs. Other things. You can’t really half-censor a butt if you cover the whole thing up.

I think we should also reverse society’s desensitization, even glorification, of violence. Blood = bad.



ya guys i realize its been a long time since i posted last so here it goes

I was heading home from my violin lesson today when my brother decided to stop by a Gyro house/place/thing to pick up some food so we could eat later. My brother bought three, one for me, one for him, and one, I figured was for my mom, it being mother’s day and all.

But I had my suspicions, like that he knew that there was going to be a hobo standing on a corner for us to give the food to.

Then my mind cut to a clip of The Simpsons, where Homer decidedly goes panhandling, and being insane and all, he’s really successful. Then I thought to myself, “if someone’s that crazy, what will he do with that money?” My mind went straight to the fact that if there were real people that insane, then they’d definitely be part of something, making money for some kind of “head beggar” guy.

Then I thought about all of those beggars I’d seen in Taiwan. The same ones, without legs, or without arms. Then it hit me.

Those people aren’t most definitely in those “gangs,” for lack of a better term. They still need money to survive on their own.

[/thought process]

Here’s a something.

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