they’re everywhere. penetrating your masks, seeing through your facades. Don’t think it’s not happening. We see pain. most of the time we can tell when you’re suffering. Stop lying to us and ask for help.

for some reason our society is based on people who don’t want to ask for help. Maybe it’s because people think they will be looked down upon when they admit that they need help or have an issue of some sort. But let me tell you. It doesn’t matter if you  look like you’re weak. You can bounce back stronger than ever before. But that’s only if you take the right steps and seek help if you need it.

This bleeds over to other parts of your life. people have superficial relationships. people who claim to be Christian are hypocritical. people do drugs. have sex. drink. smoke. all because they don’t admit that they have problems.

keep this up and you will die. your problems will only get worse. and then you’ll die.

But for the people who are not suffering from these problems, good job. I salute thee and thy efforts.


No, my blog hasn’t died. I’ve just run out of topics to blog about.

You see, most of my ideas come from things we learn about in school or something similar: for example, last year I blogged constantly about transcendentalism and the idea of self-reliance. Sophomore year I blogged about my experiences with the children at Columbia.

This year, I haven’t come across anything particularly engaging to blog about. Yet. At school we’ve touched upon the idea of ‘man playing God,” but I think I’ve already written about that sometime in the past.

One of the things  I wanted to talk about was the pattern of not being satisfied with things you have. Sure, you may be satisfied with your home for a few years or a decade, but sooner or later you’ll want to move out of it. Who’s heard of anybody living in the same house for fifty years straight? Now, with all these technological advances, anybody can move from point A to point B in a matter of hours. And no matter how much we have, we continually want more and more things. I bought the parts for my computer about two years ago now and I’ve already made three changes to it. We just want more and more.

Especially this thing about wanting more for less. We want to make our devices faster without having to pay as much. You’re not gonna get anywhere near the Alienware hardware if you’re not willing to pay the Alienware price (actually, a lot of the cost is for the name, but that’s a blog for a different time).

I still have these crazy theories. I think that 2012 is when we make a breakthrough in medicine and God will decide that we’ve come far enough and destroy mankind. Yeah, I’m going into the idea of “man playing God” now. I don’t want to be around when we become able to reanimate dead tissue or clone people. Especially if this technology becomes legalized and free to the public. Anybody with enough money will be able to genetically create the perfect soldier and make countless copies of them, leading to utter and ruthless domination of the earth.

One of my teachers was talking about an article he read about how some scientists are pretty close to creating technology that can teleport things. Wonkavision! Let’s hope there isn’t a snotty little kid that wants to be transported by television.

It’s fun to sing along with music, but instead of singing the melody, singing the tritone harmony. 😀


I wrote this for an English assignment, and I thought it was so good that I just couldn’t wait to share it with you guys!

O hast that sayeth the moon
Why hast thou eateth the trees
For eating trees is my boon
And it very well is free.

Though light may shine on my face
Illuminating the worst of my features
I sit and stare off into space
As I wonder about Frankenstein’s creature.

Aristotle, yesteryear
Discovered the beauty of suns
And from then on he made it very clear
That we are to respect ‘dem nuns.

Now, this poem is quite horrendous
Poetry isn’t quite my strong suit;
Yet I sit here waiting for my boot
Were you expecting something stupendous?

From here I insert convolution
Mainly in the form of diction:
Incomprehensible circumlocution
Seems to cause a lot of friction.