We can’t keep doing this.

We can’t keep moving forward and forward and forward. There’s an end, and the faster we get there, the sooner we’re dead.

I was thinking (for once). If we kill all the ugly people, then we’ll just have pretty people left over. Or will we? No. Our standards will be naturally higher and more defined, and we’ll see everybody (who’s now pretty) as average.

And then we’ll want to kill all the ugly people. Just because we can. And then all the prettiest pretty people will be left. And nothing will get done.

an interesting conversation

I was talking to my friend the other day; I didn’t want to go to school. She says, “But it’s fun! Stressful, tiring fun!”

“I guess.”

“…But but but…. without it…we’d all be mindless blobs and end up on the stupid Maury show!!”

“Hahaha. Your assumptions (I meant to say implications) are amusing.”

“Hahaha…..thank you?”

“You are welcome!”

“But seriously…..that show…. *shudder*”

“It’s funny sometimes.”


“It’s mostly sad, though. It makes me worry about the future of humanity.”

“……It makes me wish humans still had natural selection…..:P …Then the world would just be really smart or really beautiful/handsome people!!! With the occasional very smart…very beautiful/handsome person :P… Then we’d be able to get somewhere in the world :D”

While in the conversation, I mostly agreed with her, because the thought of that was just … awesome. But after the conversation ended, I kept going back to those lines and just thinking about what she said. I don’t know if I agree with her anymore. I mean, if humans still evolved through natural selection, it would imply that none of us are smart enough to make choices of our own. The reason the weak survive is that we manipulate nature to fit our needs rather than allow nature to help us weed out the weak.

It sounds rather primitive and heartless thought; I realize that.  However, that’s really what it is. In keeping those who are weak alive, we are going in the opposite direction of evolution. And these weaknesses are being passed on through to our offspring. Instead of weaknesses dying off, they’re multiplying. All for some “everybody deserves a chance” phooey.

But then, if you think about it, if we never evolved our way out of natural selection, none of us would actually be here. There would be a bunch of hot idiots running around, making babies left and right.  But that’s a small price to pay. If even one.

There has been the issue of people becoming stronger mentally through their physical weaknesses, but not vice versa. It’s rather strange. I imagine it would have been the other way around in Neanderthalean times.

Well, I guess this has just been another random dump of thoughts.  No structure whatsoever. Yay.


I stood, watching the countdown with cider in my hand. The seconds passed quickly. I attempted to reminisce about the year of 2010. Nothing came to mind.

As people around me started to count down, things began to look more and more surreal. I thought to myself, “is this how 2010 is going to end? Without any memories? Without joy? Pain?”

The countdown reached zero. I was dazed. Not knowing what else to do, I tipped my cup back and drank the cider.

I regained my senses quickly. Not fully knowing that it was now 2011, I went around hugging people and wishing them a happy New Year and attempting to start “Old Lang Syne.” It didn’t work.

As this continued, I continued to feel nothing.

I must be emotionally dead.