Post-Musical wankery

There were a few things at the bottle ceremony that I didn’t get to say but really really wanted to:

1) I don’t understand how I got in in the first place. I decided to try out on a whim, taking the music the day before auditions, not looking at it and sight-singing the audition material.

2) I always thought Ms. Duck was in her late 20’s.

3)  Everybody in the musical is really cute.

4) I love my moustache, even if it did give me a rash.

5)  I regret not joining the musical earlier.

6) This is the first time I’ve ever worn jeans for an extended period of time. My legs are itchy now.

7) I secretly wished that the musical would be Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, even though I knew it would never happen.

8. I’m rather surprised that Mr. Steves didn’t give me the stink eye when he heard that I was going to be in the show.

9) Cast > Pit.

10)  I’m going to miss not seeing you all every day. 🙁

11)  Kansas City, guys.

12) I’ve never danced with a girl prior to the musical. I’ve hardly touched one.

13) I’ve seen and heard more awkward things than I ever want to.

14) I still don’t think I sing very well.

15) I wish we could all live together forever.

16) I’ve always wanted to compose a large symphonic work, but now I want to write a musical.

Homo Sapienism?

These thoughts ran through my head a while back; I’m not sure how they came back to me, but here they are:

We’re all aware that religions exist in the world. There are those who celebrate one God and those who celebrate none at all. Well, here’s an idea that you can agree or disagree with: religion doesn’t exist.

In fact, neither does history. Or the future. This theory of life is built around the fact that (hypothetically,) my life is the only one that exists. History that I learn, news that I hear, people that I meet, etc. only exist to influence my life in certain ways and to give me a defined perception of the world.

Life did not exist before my creation. Life will not exist after my Life ceases. And even though there is no way to disprove this theory (you can’t enter someone else’s body to see whether or not they actually exist), well, you can’t exactly prove it, either.

I’ll leave the rest of the thinking up to you guys. I realize the theory may be based on closed-mindedness, but footage and artifacts of ancient life (I’m using the term ‘ancient’ pretty liberally, here) quite possibly doesn’t exist–I’m not around to see the people to create the artifacts, and I’m not there to see the actual events happening, so I have plenty a good reason not to believe in their actual existence.