here without you

I’m leaving for Mexico tomorrow.
I’m packing right now.
I’m really excited, but I don’t know.
How it’ll go, I mean.
How I’ll do.
What’s going to happen to me while I’m gone.
It’s obvious that changes will happen, but I’m just not sure what.

I hope that what I want to happen will happen.
Not to say that I’m using this mission trip as a spiritual gas station, but…
I’m using this mission trip as a spiritual gas station.

I didn’t even pray about going on this trip.
“Church shouldn’t be a pit stop. It should be a party.”
Well, I treat it like a party, but like a party without a purpose.
This is a problem.


Blog post style influenced by KL.


Perhaps men overanalyze because we think about the words we can speak and how their connotation can influence the reaction in the other person.

Perhaps women aren’t the same.

Perhaps women just say things the way they want to say them, while men are stuck there imagining what they possibly could have meant–even if the woman didn’t mean anything at all.

Perhaps this is why I have such a hard time communicating with women on a personal level.

Perhaps I’m not the only one.


I was playing Red Dead Redemption a few hours ago when I realized something:

Most storylines of video games, books and movies follow the same plot: revenge.

They all follow the story of one main character, usually a protagonist, who seeks revenge or wants to avenge a certain people. The antagonist is usually someone who has done something to harm or has potential to harm the protagonist and / or his people. Harry Potter. The Lord of the RingsCall of DutyHalo. All these things follow the same generic storyline.

This can probably be called the “Western Plot.”

The “Eastern Plot” is a bit different. Just watch a Korean drama and you will find one.

Of course, movies made in the West aren’t just limited to the “Western Plot,” and vice versa. There are plenty of Kung Fu movies about how the antagonist has killed the protagonist’s family or parents and left him for dead, being the one grave mistake he made.

But hey. These are just observations. Nothing to think about anything.


I’ve been trying to come up with a way to describe all my passions in one word. And I’ve finally thought of it: play. I love to play.

All right, I love to play video games. I won’t lie. But the other thing I like to do is play music. I “love” music.

Well. People say that they love music. But I don’t think I can say the same. You see, to love, to love music, you have to love all of it. Or else you don’t love music. You just love some of it. This includes but isn’t limited to Justin Black, Rebecca Bieber, the erhu and even Opera.

You can’t love music without understanding it. And you can’t understand any music unless you listen to it using the perspective of the person or people who created it. Just because you listen to and enjoy a piece of music doesn’t mean you understand it.

I Pledge Allegiance

College people at my church (who have been paying attention, at least) should know the theme of the sermon series. “I Pledge Allegiance.” It’s all about how our independence isn’t actually independent; but is rather in dependence of something.” Then there’s that tag: “A great thing that turns into an ultimate becomes a mess of things.”

Well, Elise and I were talking. Isn’t this pretty much what girls do with their looks? They’re always obsessed over what they look like, and when they look better, they feel a bit better, but eventually they become dissatisfied with the way they look and try to alter themselves to make themselves look even better.

I mean, come on, guys. I don’t know any girls who absolutely NEED make-up. When I said this to Elise, she said, “I do. But it’s only because they wear make-up so often, that when I see them without it, it’s like shocking.” Well, yeah. And from what I hear, girls can’t stop using make-up either.  It’s become an addiction. A make-up addiction. The best way to quit is never to start.

It just irritates me that girls can’t be happy about the way they look. I don’t know why it irritates me, but it just does.