The right-click button on my mouse died. So I can’t play games anymore. The right mouse button is one of the most important buttons in games. So I’m stuck here, with my thoughts. I enjoy it. It lets me think for once. Let’s list out thoughts that I can recollect:

The thing that bothers me most is when girls fake their smiles for pictures. Especially when they look better with their natural smiles. This is actually true with a lot of the girls I know.

I don’t look through guys’ pictures.

…not that I’m saying that I LOOK THROUGH girls’ photos.

Talking to a friend, I realized that I’m caught up in the illusion that it’s possible to go through life without making any mistakes. But isn’t that all what life is about? Making mistakes and learning from them? I’ve tried so hard to avoid mistakes that I’m missing out on all the lessons that are learned from them. The sooner I can apply this in my life, the better. I’ll have much more fun and learn so much more from other people.

Normally I wouldn’t post things from CNN, but this video, written by the guy who wrote the Everything is a Remix series (which is a magnificent series, by the way), proves some things that I was suspecting about Christianity.

[cnnvideo url=’’ inline=’true’]

I had recently begun to doubt. Someone once told me that if you aren’t doubting, your relationship isn’t healthy. But then I realized that I can’t believe everything everyone tells me. I don’t know whether or not I should believe him. I suppose I can find the answers by myself through the book that’s sitting on my desk right next to me, but …

You know how these things go.

I’m getting lost in it all. It’s all fake now. I’m becoming one of them. One of those people who have been in church so long that they forget what it’s all about. So what’s the point? Why keep going? Good question. I don’t know, either. I’m sure that, if I keep it up, I’ll eventually find the answer. And if I don’t, I’ll keep trying.  That’s why I keep attending church.

Everything is a remix. Watch the series.

Here’s Part 1.

The other parts can be found in the “More” sidebar.



As summer draws to a close, I feel the need to exercise my brain. But that isn’t really working. Instead I find myself huddled in front of my computer, slouching in my chair, staring at this monitor at which I am currently staring. Talking to people who just talk to me about nothing in particular, only here to waste the days away.

Something like this.

Something like that. ↑

Sometimes I wonder if there are secret organizations running the world. A group of people controlling where money goes at all points of a day. That’d be scary, dude.

That image above is from this video:

The second premise is from this video. (Embedding disabled by request).

It’s cool because it’s the same director. Interesting stuff.

As of writing these words, I have been awake for 34 hours and 15 minutes.