The world is on drugs.

As much as I hate drugs and its excessive use nowadays, it’s nearly impossible to argue that drugs haven’t made a huge impact on our musical world.

It was weed that gave us the greats like Hendrix,  Vedder, Weiland, Staley, and probably even the Beatles.

It was alcohol (yes, it is  drug) that gave us the great classics. Brahms, Mozart, Beethoven, even. Bach composed a new piece for church every week but he probably still kicked back once in a while.

It’s cocaine that gives us the crap we have today. [insert contemporary artist].

Of course, there are artists out there who try to make good music by using drugs and fail miserably.

Then there are artists who make good music without using drugs. Like me. 😀

Then there are those who try to make good music without using drugs. I feel like a lot of Christian bands fall under this category, as well as those not-well-known Youtube artists who go purely on talent. The problem with these artists is that they oftentimes try to imitate the greats but without using the same drugs. It won’t work, obviously.


eff the media.

shows and movies tell us that we have stuff to look forward to in middle school. high school.

those times are now over. nothing was that fun.

then the media tells us that college will be fun.

what’s in college? nothing. school. and drinking. and drugs. and sex. no different from high school.

the media doesn’t tell us about anything worthwhile after college. unless you’re a secret agent or something.

so I guess there’s no reason to live anymore.

thanks, media.


Looking through the yearbook from last year, I’m kind of surprised by how many people said I made an impact on their lives. Actually, it’s kind of silly. The number of people I kept in contact with dropped drastically after several months of summer, and I don’t think that number is going to be very high again very soon.

Seriously, though, I think people were just writing good things in my yearbook because they felt obligated to do so. I even got phone numbers. I barely had interaction with some of these people, too. People making assumptions… telling me they’ve heard my name tossed around… telling me they think I’m quiet / shy (but really awesome / smart / nice / funny inside!1!!1!)… Hearts. lots of hearts. “What note is this?” Drawings. Promises to make plans in the (presumably near) future.

I don’t get it. I tried to follow up with some of these peoples’ requests, but to no avail. It’s pretty obvious, then, that either they were lying through their teeth (Sharpies) or just decided that they had other priorities right after school ended. But didn’t we all? College started, which means studying and classes and obviously for a lot of them, partying. That doesn’t mean you have to leave your old friends in the dust as you drink yourself to death.

Whatever. It’s gone. Memories will remain memories and if you dwell in them for too long, you lose sight of what’s to come. So I’m here to warn you not to make the same mistake I did: dwelling in the pain will only make it hurt more. Move on,  be proactive and make a difference in someone’s life.


I can’t believe how much time has passed already. Where did the year go? What have I learned? What can I look forward to in my future?

We’re trained as babies to think that everything will be okay if we study hard, get a good job and make plenty of money. I don’t think it’s true, though. It’s possible to lead a Spartan lifestyle and be completely happy with where you are. It’s called immaterialism. Money may make things easier but it doesn’t buy you happiness. I’m sure no sum of money is worth all the pain and suffering that was required to obtain that.

But maybe I’m just being pessimistic again.