There’s something that’s bothered me for a really long time but I haven’t had the guts to say it. Nor do I know exactly how to go about doing so. So here goes:


Yup, that’s right. Clothing bothers me. And not just any clothing. Women’s clothing. Think back into history and about what women wore. It looked something like this:

Of course, this is a famous portrait and I’m sure everyone’s seen it in their history textbooks.

I digress. Fast forward to today and you’ll see that our clothing is very much different. Now you must remember that society has grown much since the Elizabethan times. In the early 1900s, women declared de facto independence from the cruel reign of men by gaining suffrage. While the passing of the amendment helped America as a whole become more accepting of people different from us (“us” being wealthy, white males), it was more of a symbolic thing for the women: from then until now, women as a gender have evolved faster than you could say “blueberry pie.”

Of course if you have eyes, you’d be able to see what women are wearing nowadays. Low-cut shirts. Short shorts. Men are just left saying, “wow.”

Well, I say “wow,” too. Just in a different way. What makes you think I want to see what you’re showing off to the world? Because I’ll be completely honest. I don’t want to see it. Now before you label me as a flaming homosexual, allow me to explain myself.

I love women as much as the next guy does. It’s just that the clothing I see nowadays doesn’t reflect the way I think society should be moving. Reflect for a second on barbarism. I wasn’t there and maybe you weren’t either, but they wore no clothing. As civilization came around, women were putting on more clothing. Now, they’re taking them off again.

What the deuce.

Darwin’s theory of evolution states that “only the strong survive.” Take that and apply it to this post however you want.

There’s another thing, though. Though scantily-clad women may be in the fantasy of every straight male, it makes my life a whole lot harder as a Christian who has sworn purity to my wife to-be.

Not all men are scum, but I believe that the supposed increase of this type of men can partially blamed on this series of fashion choices by women.

Prospects for the future: “casual” clothing is a sports bra with panties. Civilization continues reproducing at an alarming rate. Men get dumber.

Even if we are getting dumber, I can’t help but hope that this is just a trend. And that we’ll eventually revert to what we had 400-or-so years ago, with women being modest out of respect for other human beings.

Don’t hate me.

P.S. The same type of evolution I talked about in this post can be seen in dance.

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