Professor Hatziandreas

“It’s good to be alive. We all get so caught up in what we’re we’re doing that we forget that we have breath. That we’re human beings. What does that mean to us? That we have two hands, two eyes; that we look a certain way? It’s kind of good, though, that we don’t always realize it. Otherwise we’d all be high all the time. ‘High’ in the sense that we’d always be like, ‘whoaaa, it’s all so coooool!'”

I like this guy. Thinks intellectually. Explains well. I’m excited to learn.

A photograph: Susan Sontag

There’s something that I think needs addressing but I’m not sure if I can make a full-length post about it. I’ll try not to do many more of these in the future, but anyway, here goes.

Here is a really great website. And all joking aside, I kind of whish there were more of them. Either way, I’m here to talk about pictures. But not just any old pictures: pictures of people posing.

Now there isn’t really a problem with people posing in a picture. But what happens if you get people to pose in a picture and then take 300 pictures?

You just get 300 of the same poses with the same people in the same lighting in the same–you get the picture (see what I did there?).

Let’s introduce two people. We’ll call them Lucy and Catherine. Lucy is fairly attractive and she knows it–she even came up with her on facial pose. Catherine, on the other hand, is somewhere around average and smiles for pictures but doesn’t do anything special. Now, Lucy has taken 300 pictures of herself with the same facial pose in every single one.

The worst thing about Lucy’s pictures is that one of them probably turns out really great and whatever and it’ll end up getting something around 3,000 likes. And then the next time ¬†she uploads a picture of herself, she’ll get another 3,000 likes on a good picture. While Catherine will get somewhere around two.

Now, even if Lucy won’t admit that getting that many likes secretly satisfies them (after all, why would she take so many pictures of him or herself?), we’ll all just be standing by and feeding her ego. While Catherine, in ¬†desparate need of self-esteem, is watching and waiting for that first like. She cries when it doesn’t come.

But it’s not like Catherine isn’t used to it. In fact, she’s so used to it that she doesn’t even bother uploading pictures of herself anymore–in fact, she doesn’t even like to take pictures anymore. She’s even convinced herself that people don’t like the way she looks and will hide her face everywhere she goes so she doesn’t have to “burden them” with this malice.

You think I’m exaggerating? What is make-up? Plastic surgery? People say, “If the house needs painting; paint it,” but I disagree: true beauty comes from within. It doesn’t matter whether or not the house needs painting; it doesn’t affect the usefulness of the house.

Even so, we should be taking measures to reach the Catherines. Looks are so petty. Why should we allow such a thing to affect people so dramatically?

Cosmetic surgery

has got to be the biggest “F U” you can give to your ancestors. I mean, the biggest insult you can give to someone you’re related to is to say that you don’t want to look like him.

Really. what better way is there to deny your genetics? I still can’t believe we’re coming to the age where we can genetically alter our children before they’re born….just because WE want them to be a certain way. Doesn’t that deny them of choice? But no, you’re altering them before there IS a choice. So you’re just killing the one that was supposed to be born and choosing a different one.

Oh well. I’ve blogged about that topic before. This cosmetic surgery stuff, though…. it seems like make-up x 100. Like you’re obscenely desperate to get rid of this history written on your face and body. All for what? So you can feel better about yourself.