NFC West MVP 2013

Honestly, I’m still in shock.

I sat up there in my tower, seeing these things happen around me.

“Wow. That guy got in an accident, a different guy passed away. One person critically wounded. That all sucks, but I’m just glad none of that will happen to anybody I know.”

Boy, was I wrong.

If you haven’t heard already, a very good friend to our church, Josh Choi, is currently in the hospital, ailed with something the doctors cannot diagnose without running a few tests. As amazing as modern science is, the test results come back on Tuesday (tomorrow), which leaves Josh, the doctors and the congregation helpless as we wait for the Medical technicians to complete their testing.

Who would have thought a perfectly healthy young man, with a bright future ahead of him, would suddenly become ill? THIS ill?

Either way, folks, I ask you to pray with me for the healing of our brother in Christ. Don’t forget. Never forget.

God will never pass up an opportunity to rock your foundation.


Have you ever taken a step back from your group of friends and wished that you could have a group of friends that are all exactly like you? I mean, identical copies: looks, personality, demeanor, everything.

If you haven’t, you shouldn’t. If you have, you’re probably a narcist.

That’s right. I just called you a narcist.

The discussions among yourselves would be interesting at first, but there would be nothing to discuss because you know everything everybody else knows, and nobody would know anything you don’t.

Plus, the worst sides of your personality would come out and start beating each other up. Y’know. Stuff like that.

But wait a minute. If you have exact copies of yourself that aren’t connected cranially, would it be possible for your copies to have individual thought? If so, would they actually be yourself? What if one of your copies came up with an idea? Who would get the credit?

Maybe if you had the goodwill to not just accept the idea as your own, maybe you’d be able to share the credit with all of you. But would you actually deserve it? Well, it comes from your mind, right?