it’s been a real long time since I’ve written a post, and the last one was pretty… sudden. yeah.

Last quarter was a real pain, and I spent nearly the entirety of it learning that the way I’ve been writing for my entire life is completely unacceptable in the adult world.


It’s disheartening, really. People will never read the emails I send, anyway. Why bother learning formatting and stuff? There’s a higher chance of people reading my stuff if I make it entertaining, isn’t there?


I wanted to touch on a subject that’s bothered me for a while. It’s something that has affected my friends and peers for a long time. Sorry, but this post is going to be just a spray of thoughts without any organization.


I know a few people who cheat. They cheat in school, on tests, quizzes, homework, whatever. In fact, the cheating snowballs to the point where at the end of the course, they have no idea what they were supposed to learn and have to cheat to get through the exam.

What bothers me most about this is that I get shafted for being honest. There is someone out there who got somewhere he didn’t deserve, and I’m here because I refused to take advantage of the fact that my teacher was too oblivious to notice if I cheated.

What happens to the cheater? He’ll end up at a better school than I. He’ll struggle. He’ll cheat. He’ll graduate college with high standings, then find a job and not know whatever the heck he’s doing.

He’ll take the practice he’s used on cheating and step all over people on his way to the top. He’ll probably end up cheating on his spouse.

Of course, I’m exaggerating somewhat. But cheating is so easy; it’s hard not to fall into that temptation and repeating the cycle. Still. Cheaters. Irksome.

March post get.