Before you start reading, just know that I cranked this out so that I wouldn’t have a second month in a row with zero posts. Also, I started this post over a month ago so it’s pretty likely that the ideas I had while first writing this are all out the window now. Apologies for any confusion this might cause, and apologies in advance for the lack of proofreading.

“Few people realize what tremendous power there is in one of those things.”

Do you ever stop and think about those things on the end of your forearms? They are you. You are the extent of what your hands do. Your fingers have arguably more flexibility than any other part of your body.

Yet everybody’s hands are different, and everybody’s hands do different things. Mine can move around with aglilty to make music on ivory keys. Other peoples’ hands stroke strings in rapid succession, or cling on to handlebars, or make cups to push water behind them. Some peoples’ hands hold sticks and move in patterns to make clothing. But hands, as diverse as they are, are of completely varying strengths. Some can crush with brutal power, yet others can simply slip from the grasp of others.

Your hands almost completely define the actions you do take. You’ll find that people without the use of their arms can’t do much (the only ones I can think of off the top of my head are Stephen Hawking and Nick Vuvujic), while those who may be blind or deaf but have the use of their hands tend to be able to alter the world around them (take, for example, Helen Keller). Hands are the eyes of the blind.

Politicians sign bills with their hands. Composers write pieces with their hands. Artists paint with their hands. Criminals steal, kill and vandalize with their hands. You used your hands to open Facebook. To click the link to get here. Your hands shaped your past, are your future, and will define your present. Your hands define who you are.

Your hands are your life.

Your hands are important. Take care of them.