Like sand in an hourglass…

I fear that the best days of my life are now over.

Being a third year in college means that my friends from before college are now busy doing their own thing in other places. I don’t see them as much anymore, and I worry that this will become the standard. I don’t want it to be. I’m losing some of my best friends because of school and work business.

I spent most of my life staying at home, opting not go to go out with friends in favor of playing games. Not going to prom. Not partying. Not “living it up.”

What if I don’t get a chance to do that anymore? What if the friends that I was able to have fun with are now gone and forever out of my reach? Was it a mistake not to party and have fun and do reckless things for the sake of my youth?

I actually asked a Magic 8-Ball for this. Here’s proof.

I’m looking forward to the rest of my life. If my friendships really are meant to be, doesn’t that mean that my old friends will become friends once again? Then we’ll have plenty of time to catch up and reminisce about the old times we had together.

Or do I? With the demographic of the group of people with whom I interact on a weekly basis, I’m starting to feel some internal pressure to hurry up and find that “special person.” I definitely don’t feel like I’m ready and I certainly don’t want to dive headfirst into something I have no experience in.

I’ve got time to think about the right moves. There’s no rush.

*deep breath*

There’s no rush.

Edit: Finally remembered the other stuff that I was gonna write.

I am a true proponent of the idea that “Ignorance is bliss.” The part of me that wanted to grow up the most was the part that was just tired of teenage drama and bullcrap. From the things I’ve heard and experieced, it seems like adults are even more guilty for this stuff than teenagers are. If adults can’t be honest with each other, then what’s the point of being an adult?

I find this especially true within the church subculture. It’s church. We’re supposed to be there for one another; to be open and forgiving and loving and caring and things that just aren’t happening often enough in church in general. People are too worried about being judged or their trust betrayed.

Being an adult isn’t just about being older. It’s also about facing your responsibilities. Telling the truth and trying to make the world a better place is a responsibility that falls on the shoulders of everybody in the world.

Do it.