Why do we bare our teeth when we smile? Other animals bare their teeth when they want to show dominance or threaten others. It’s almost like humans are saying, “you have amused me. I will now proceed to bite you.”


Distinguishing fantasy from reality has been easy for kids in the past. There have been countless studies on the effects of violent video games on children and none of them have turned up positive (yet, for some reason, we keep pouring money into researching this). However, with the development of the Oculus Rift and virtual reality becoming closer and closer to reality, will children still have the capabilty to tell what’s real from what’s not?

My gut tells me yes. As real as VR becomes, there will always be some kind of hint that will remind you that you’re in a simulation and not in real life. It’s easier for younger people than older people to pick up these hints. Maybe the problem will be that old people will have problems dealing with the effects of violent virtual reality simulations. Who knows.


Every once in a while I get worried about the state of the world that we’re leaving for our kids. Then I remember that the previous generation worried about the exact same thing. Sure, the world may have gotten worse but that’s only an opinion. And we’re alive, aren’t we? The world still exists and we haven’t killed ourselves. Yet