Every time I look back to memories, I find that I always get the feeling of wishing that things would go back to the way they were. And then there’s always a hope. You might already know this, but things never go back to the way they were.

Time is linear but it’s measured circularly. We’re always going to have another April 27th, but we’ll never have another April 27th, 2014. You’re never going to go back in time. You can relive memories in your head but you’ll never experience them again (sans futuristic¬† technology). Things will be one way for a while, but when it’s over, it’ll just be over.

Your yearly trip is going to have different people who have done different things during the year. You will talk about different things, visit different places and do other things. But that will come to an end some time.

And when it’s gone,¬†it’s gone.

You’ll be so swamped with new business and the new experiences will be warm and exciting to you. But you won’t ever realize how much you miss until you hit the void. You try to fill the void with something similar, or even something that’s as close as possible. But it just won’t be the same. Your instrument won’t feel or sound as good as it used to. You’ll never again get to play in the same football team that took state championships. You’ll never get to laugh and cry with your best friend.

But even though it’s gone and it seriously sucks, there’s one thing you can always remember: things will be okay.

No, things won’t go back to the way they once were. But things are going to be okay. You’ll be leaping through rings of fire, rebuilding your character brick by brick, and biting your lip trying your best not to cry. When you look forward, you realize that each experience you’ve had, each person you’ve met, each tear you’ve shed… makes you who you are today. No matter how much crap you go through, you’re going to come out on top a better, stronger person.

Growing up is the most bittersweet thing of all. But growing up is a part of growing up. You can’t dwell too much on the past or it’ll eat you up. Keep your head up and know that things–good or bad–will come and go.

But no matter what happens, no matter who tries to hold you down, no matter what you lose:

Things are going to be okay.