School sucks. Work sucks.

But not in the typical way. (surprise! I have an internship.)

I noticed recently that I haven’t been listening to music as much as I used to.

It’s strange, really. I constantly hear music playing in my head but I never find it comfortable enough to just pull out my own music, stick my headphones in and listen. I also never really noticed it until…well, tonight. I spend a lot of time on the bus, in school, or at work, and I don’t listen to music until I’m in a place where I can feel like I can sing along or dance without bothering other people. Which isn’t very many places. It’s just my car.

Now that I’m not working at the preschool anymore, I don’t have to spend that much in my car every day–on average, I spend a maximum of thirty minutes of day in my car, driving between the park & ride and my home. I even drive to a far-away park & ride.

There’s not much music you can listen to in 30 minutes. If I’m only driving for 15 minutes, I don’t even consider it worth it to plug my Zune into my stereo to listen to it. So now I find myself craving music.

Literally craving it.

There’s no cure for it, either. I either need to spend more time in my car, at home, or need to get comfortable with listening to music in public places. None of these are going to happen. Guess I’ll just have to suffer for the time bein’.

Just tryin’a get back into the groove.

I’m going to bed, Bryan.

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