Dramatic Irony

Here’s something reaaaally silly I thought of recently.

Why do we laugh at things that are funny?

We laugh because we aren’t expecting something to happen, and usually the thing that happens is something lighthearted. At least, that’s how it works at the most basic level.

So why don’t we laugh at things we’ve heard before?

We don’t laugh because we expect it to happen. Because we’ve learned that this thing may happen.

So, then, it’s probably safe to assume that we learn when we laugh. And laughing brings us joy. Therefore, by the transitive property of bringing, learning brings us joy.

There really isn’t denying that fact, even if I jumped through several flawed logical hoops to get there. We learn something new every day, and even if it’s not evident at the time, it brings us a little tinge of joy.

Go out there. Laugh and learn. Live.