Quote of the Day: Two months later

To this day, I am still feeling the effects of the list I made. I still feel like I’m trying to assemble a list of quotes every day (do something every day for a year and it’ll become a habit). Because of this, I’m still paying pretty close attention to everything people say, making sure to note little witticisms or plain wisdom.

There’s a part of me that’s very sad when I hear something great and want to put it down somewhere, but realize that I don’t do this anymore. This is especially true now, now that I’ve made new friends (already) who have said some great things. It’s now too late in the year for me to do any “___ of the day things” and I don’t really have a way to store the great quotes that I hear occasionally. The blog isn’t really a good fit for that–it’s a little too public. Facebook isn’t that easy either: the quotes area is a little too hidden and way too obscure.

How else will I keep track of where my random friendships were? I remember talking to specific people during specific times of the year, keeping track of little things they said. I think this might be my favorite aspect of the QOTD list. It lets me (and everyone else, I guess) know who my best friends are and who I liked to see the most.

Oh wells. This leaves more time for writing. and stuff. stuff.