Static judgment.

That’s my greatest strength and my greatest weakness.

I take my judgment of something, whether it be a first impression or a deeply-rooted judgment, and don’t let it change when I’m given the opportunity.

When my friend first told me that I do this, I didn’t take him seriously or let it affect me too much. But it was too late, he had planted a seed in my mind and suddenly I was spiraling into a world of realization.

Okay, maybe it wasn’t that dramatic, but I’ve been thinking quite a lot these past few days about how he’s right and why I do that. It may have something to do with my distaste for change (refer to my next-most-recent post). Regardless, my friend’s comment has made me think a lot and I’m pretty grateful for these realizations.

I realized that people change and people make mistakes. I was thinking back to my old church leaders, back from when I was first going out to church. I thought they were the epitome of perfect Christians, pillars of the church and steadfast forever. Boy, was I wrong. These people may have been role models, but they certainly are not perfect in any way–for some I found this out the hard way, from others I heard through the grapevine.

Through this, I also learned that you should not be setting an entirety of a person’s life as an example to follow. Since nobody is perfect, you should only be taking after parts of peoples’ lives. Life improvement is mostly made through watching those who come before you and emulating parts of the lives that you wish to follow.

Static judgement, though, is something that has to change.

We should also be expecting him on October 21st of this year.