I’m so naive.

I’ve created a habit of blindly listening to other peoples’ opinions without fact-checking it against what I actually believe. This has led me to be very confused about what the world is like and on current issues, but also equally indifferent because nobody can seem to come to an agreement about anything.

I had a good think session (in the shower, where all the greats had their good think sessions) as to why I started doing this and here’s the best I could come up with:

Going to a public high school, I was taught to question (mostly) everything. Nothing is black and white; there are gray areas in almost every situation. Is this person justified in doing this or that? Maybe. Why not? This type of thinking enabled me to open my mind and allowed me to truly think about what I was hearing. The benefits of this type of thinking are still in effect in my life today, just at a very reduced level.

After I graduated high school and went on to college, I was thrown into an environment where you couldn’t argue for answers–right was right and wrong was wrong–and we weren’t required to think for ourselves, simply because there was no need to do so. Perhaps it had something to do with being an engineering major; its history has one truth (though some of it is shrouded in shame, such as the treatment of legendary computer scientist and cryptanalyst Alan Turing), and computers think in a very logical way, thus leading to human computer-handlers to think in such a logical way.

My other excuse is that my naivety was caused by technology itself. Easy access to media allows me to always listen to other peoples’ opinions but also to drown out the voices in my own head. The constant flow of ideas jumbles up my ideas but also prevents me to differentiating opinions of people I trust from opinions of people I don’t necessarily agree with.

Be careful, folks. Make sure you’re always keeping an open mind and always make sure you’re giving yourself enough time to think about what you believe, rather than occupying yourself with random junk your life doesn’t need. This is the only way to stay grounded in your beliefs. That being said, it’s still possible to change what you believe, but don’t be too hasty to change it either.