I never left

The days of “brb” are over. It’s kind of bittersweet, isn’t it? The people who spent their childhoods in front of their computers IMing other people will understand what I mean.

The advent of mobile devices has come and passed. There are fewer PCs in households than there are laptops, tablets and smart phones. This means that people are moving away from the AIM, the YIM, the ICQ, the MSN messenger and onto the seemingly-ubiquitous Facebook messenger.

But with Facebook messenger (and many other platforms), you can pause your conversation and pick it up somewhere else at any time you want, traveling between your computer or your cell phone. People will no longer find it strange when you stop replying for a few minutes without saying anything. And quite frankly, I have a hard time getting used to this change. What was rude in the early days of instant messaging has now become the norm. I understand that there’s no need to explain your reasons for leaving, or say that you’re even leaving in the first place, since your means of communication don’t require you to be staring at it all the time. But couldn’t you at least tell me if you’re going to put it down for a while?

It’s not that I want to know exactly where you are at any given time (although Facebook has basically already got that down), I just want to know if I’m going to have to sit and wait for your response or if I can leave and do something else for a little bit. This is particularly true for me because since I tend to play with very risky humor, I get a bit nervous when there’s no response from the other end.

Anyway, if you know me (or have read anything I’ve posted in the past….forever), you know that I’m pretty stubborn. Right now, I refuse to use Facebook Messenger because I don’t feel the need to be connected all the time, let alone notified immediately when someone contacts me. That is, unless I’m sitting in front of my computer; just like I always have and I always will.

Sometimes I just miss the old days, which why I still use Trillian. I logged into AIM, YIM and MSN every day until they stopped working. It’s sad to see all of those platforms turn into a wasteland. Maybe it’s for the best, who knows?

rip in peace, SmarterChild.