postlets: december 2015

Here’s a threefer (it’s basically what it sounds like). They were ideas that I was holding on to that aren’t fleshed out enough to warrent entire posts. I may revisit some of these later on.

I’m working now, and… well, it’s weird. It’s great that I’m making money while learning (as opposed to paying to learn), but I’m enjoying it quite a bit. So much so, in fact, that the days are passing by incredibly quickly, and I’m a little worried about life passing me by. I’m sure that this worry is rather ungrounded, and I will soon hate working and adult life, etc. etc. but I just can’t help but feel like I will be old soon. And dead.

I’m approaching 1,000 Facebook friends. It’s an incredibly strange feeling, being connected to so many people. If I were to run into anyone on my friends list, I’m sure I would be able to match the name to the face (unless I’ve never met the person, which should be fewer than five people). But I’m not sure if everybody else feels the same way.

Then there’s the fact that whatever I post may be seen by 1,000 people, so I have to be extra careful about what I write. Post the right (or incredibly wrong) thing, and there’s a possibility of even more people laying eyes on it. But I know they usually don’t. Facebook’s selective-posting algorithm is funky, and I’m sure it’s changed since I started paying attention to it.

It requires more and more effort nowadays to stand out from a crowd. I wonder if employers are looking for even looking for standouts anymore; seems like they’re just looking for people who fit a certain set of critera. Standing out may be becoming taboo.

But famous people stand out, right? They’re famous because they’re unique and special, right? Well, sorta. They’re unique, special, and incredibly good at what they do. Sure. But they’re also incredibly lucky, both with their timing and with their circumstances.

The value of personal uniqueness seems to be taking a nosedive. You’re special. I’m special. Who cares?


I’ll be restarting my “Quote of the Day” for the year of 2016. Stay tuned, make sure you keep checking back and talk to me if you want to become famous. (har har)