yak yak yak

This month’s lesson is on communication.

Ah, communication. The pinnacle of the human race. We wouldn’t be here without our incredible ability to communicate with one another, to pass ideas around with little effort. Our language and our communication is one of the most important developments of humanity.

Yet I find that many have trouble with communication. Maybe they lack the ability to express themselves coherently, or maybe they simply don’t think they need to communicate in the first place, or even somewhere in between. In any case, communication becomes lacking and people are left wondering whether it was on purpose, and if not, then what the speaker was trying to say at all.

I will admit that I find myself at fault of this somtimes, especially with updating my mom with where I am. I simply don’t think it’s important enough that I tell her where I am, so I just leave her in the dark about it.

Recently I realized that if someone as important to me as I am to my mother decided not to keep me in the loop, I’d be furious. I used to think my mom was being a nuisance but now I understand what she’s been frustrated about. Communication is important in family, work and church life and it’s best if you use it.

The question remains: is it possible to overcommunicate? It’s possible to talk a lot but there’s a difference between talking loud and saying something. I’m still trying to figure out the line in the middle.

That’s it for today. I’ll post again this month.