mad boys

Maybe I should stop promising to post “later this month” because I’ve now I’ve completely missed the month of April. Anyway.

I think I’m finally starting to understand what it’s like to be an adult. These past few months have been a lot of firsts for me, and I’ve gone through a lot and my mindset has changed quite a bit since I graduated. I’m starting to see the appeal of money, starting to care (a tiny bit) about appearance, starting to feel like I need to be liked…

In short, I’m starting to grow up. And you know what? It’s not as fun as people make it out to be. I’m resistant to change. I hate change. I want to be able to sit on my bum all day during the summer and play video games from noon to sunrise the next day. I want to live off my mom’s food and money I get from Christmas.

I want a lot of things, and growing up isn’t one of them.

But I know I have to, so I won’t put it off. It’s better to start becoming a responsible adult now, than being stunted and trying to force myself to become one when the need arises. We’ve got too many immature men out there now anyhow. I don’t want to be one of them.