light is coming

I missed my post in April.

It wasn’t because I didn’t want to, but there were just too many things I could have written about. I’ll try to crank them them all out soon. Here’s what’s been most recently on my mind:

I’m starting to think that the blog migration from my previous site to this current one was a mistake. These next few posts are probably going to be about complaints I have about the professional scene, the industry, and growing up in general. Which makes me a little worried that a hiring manager will see this and immediately be turned off. I suppose I should remove that link from my website.

But really, why is there so much harm in complaining about things I don’t like about this industry that I’ve chosen? It’s not like everything is fine and dandy in every industry on the planet. Even the people who absolutely love their jobs have complaints from time to time. There’s no perfect place to be because there are no perfect people in the world.

If didn’t already know, I’m between jobs. I’m having a tough time finding a new job, now, because I have too little experience to be considered for anything at a junior level (which, for some reason, requires something like five years of experience) and too much experience to be considered for an entry-level position or internship. It’s so hard not to become discouraged.

Furthermore, the interview process is honestly pretty silly to me. I’d much rather do a test run where I can prove myself in the position than be asked a few questions up-front about things I won’t be using for the job. I can prove my worth. Just let me show you–take a chance and pull the trigger. People have told me that I should still respect the interview process but I still don’t think I agree.

In the meantime, I’ll still be applying for jobs, pretending I don’t hate the process. Practicing, studying. Working on my hobbies, listening to music. Sitting, waiting. Wishing.

See you later this month.