ITT: Unpopular Opinions

I was having an internal debate about what to write this month, so I’ve decided on this. The other topics can remain unpublished for a few months, I think.

I’m no stranger to unpopular opinions (I think pop music and most movies are garbage) but there are a few opinions that I hesitate to voice because I think they might actually be detrimental to peoples’ views of me. However, I’m here to break down my well-maintained image and speak out because these opinions are important.

I’m also entirely sure that some people in my audience share my opinions and haven’t had the courage to voice them. To you, sir or madam: you are not alone.

  1. Forced political correctness is detrimental to cultural progress. I understand that people have different definitions of “political correctness” but here’s how I see it: political correctness demands that we use (or refrain from using) specific words for the purpose of possibly avoiding situations where people may get offended. But in the long run, it doesn’t have any benefit other than bringing us the satisfaction that we’ve possibly avoided offending someone who’s different from us.

    Language changes over time (duh), and the more we use insulting words, the more they lose their meaning. A great example of this is in the word, “lame.” Its original definition is still there, but with a much more toned-down connotation.
    I believe you should be allowed to say whatever you want, but you should still know that you might look like an idiot.

  2. I don’t agree with many of President Trump’s actions since he’s taken office, but two things he’s done that I very much appreciate:
    1. Trump has sparked political activity. Though some of it may be violent, the political activity in this country seems to have taken off since Trump took office. I have never seen so many political Facebook posts, Youtube videos about riots and rallies, or in-person openness about political beliefs.

      People are starting to care because they have an opinion on how people should or shouldn’t be treated, and I think it’s a step in the right direction; even though it may have caused suffering to an insurmountable number of people, many more people are hearing of these events and are forming opinions in their minds. I can only hope that citizens of the US continue to be active.

    2. Trump has attacked mainstream media outlets. I’m sure most of you remember when Trump called out the media for publishing so-called “fake news” — I think he actually holds some ground there. The interesting thing about news is that a majority of people get their information from them and don’t realize that the information can be curated. To beat a dead horse: a vast majority of Americans thought that Hillary Clinton was going to win the 2016 election, because that’s what most of the media were saying.

      Anyway, the other scary thing is that these corporations have enough power that they can get together and control what information gets out to the masses. They can also band together and attack individuals, which they can basically do at any time. They’ve been trying this with Trump: just think of how much you see per week and how much of it is really necessary.

      Yes, Trump’s got some stupid ideas and does stupid stuff. No, he’s probably not going to get re-elected. No, he’s not going to get impeached (unless he does something way out of line, which I honestly can’t see happening). So quit wasting our time with this sensationalist “news.” It’s not going to be any different for the next three years. Go report on something that is actually valuable to our time.

If you’ve got some differing opinion somewhere (I imagine that many people will disagree with my point #1), let me know and we can have a discussion.

Oh yeah, also: memes are a huge waste of time and don’t contribute anything worthwhile to society.