The Microevolution of Humankind

It’s interesting to think about how smart people are in today’s day and age.

It’s especially interesting if you compare the people today to the people of previous generations. The average IQ may have been 100 back when IQ tests were created, but I suspect it’s a bit higher now–you need at least a decent amount of intelligence to operate most of the technology that surrounds us today. Cars, phones, computers… Genghis Khan might not be able to operate a smart phone of today. Not only because it’s entirely foreign, but also because he’s quite possibly too stupid.

People in yesteryear have been entirely okay with working a menial job for a living, never leaving their hometowns. There’s a huge world out there for them to explore, but they don’t care. Nowadays, people become restless if they work a job that doesn’t seem to have any meaning beyond face value, and civilization is constantly changing. I hear that you aren’t allowed to join the US military if your IQ is below 85.

Technology is advancing quickly and humans are evolving to keep up. Our old folk are slowly being left behind, and well… sorry, but you will too. I only wonder what our technology will look like when we’re in our 80s, and whether we’ll have trouble wrapping around how to use it.

Here’s an interesting TED talk:


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