Casual post ahead:

It’s obvious that the advent of technology has come with many direct benefits to society, but there are quite a few side effects that are often overlooked. One of them is:


Our views of respect have changed drastically over quite a short amount of time, and I’ve got a feeling that I know why.

We, now in the information age, have access to a superfluous amount of information. The ability to find¬†and publish information on a whim feeds our need for satisfaction that we have as human beings. Internally, we tell ourselves that since we are able to voice our thoughts with such ease to so many people, our opinions must be respected. But that’s not how respect works. I’m willing to wager that if someone has demanded respect from you, you came away from the experience with less respect for that person.¬†Respect can’t be demanded. It must be earned.

On top of this, we try to use quantitative measurements to justify our demand for respect. Follower / subscriber counts and number of friends (on Facebook) are examples of this–as if somehow the bigger the number, the more you should be respected. Maybe you see other people with similarly high numbers who are earning much more respect than you are, and you can’t figure out why, so you just force people to respect you more.

It’s just one of those senses of entitlement you develop after spending too much time on the internet.