Questo è tutto?

A lot has been on my mind lately, and I’ve had a hard time choosing just one thing to write about. Here’s one of many topics:

Is this it?

Have we worked so hard in our society to develop technology just to make junk? Did all these historical societies have to be destroyed so people can spend the better part of their days staring at luminescent rectangles in their hands?

There is no doubt in my mind that laypeople in history have wasted time doing nothing, but we’re in a place now where we don’t have to do that much laborious work in a single day. The time spent in between work and sleep: commuting, eating, and spending time with others… could be filled with just time staring at your phone.

The only social media platform I use is Facebook, and I’m thinking I’ll deactivate it soon. I’d rather be spending time learning about something interesting to me–which is something I use my phone to do a lot (I know a lot of random trivia now). Facebook, Instagram, whatever. They’re a waste of time. They’re the modern iteration of reality TV.

If you know me, you probably know that in certain areas of my life, I’m a perfectionist. Music is one of them. Grammar / punctuation is another. Mediocrity is another pet peeve of mine. If you choose a passion or career path, why not put 110% effort into it? Otherwise, you’re wasting your time.