It’s July

I’d love to do a birthday post, maybe 25 things I learned while I was 25, but I can only count the things I learned in the head. There was a lot of heart learning but it’s hard to write all of them down.

Instead, this will be postlets #3 (4?). Here goes.

Here’s why you suck at driving.

I’ve figured it out: Seattle traffic is so bad because drivers are too stubborn to make traffic flow well. They think they’re driving safely or are just being legalistic. Spoiler: some of our laws have soft contradictions with each other.

I can probably start a whole blog on efficient driving. So many things are now pet peeves:

  1. Keep right except to pass: RCW 46.61.100 (I memorized that one)
  2. Zipper merge
  3. Don’t deliberately block parts of merge lanes (what’s the point? you’re just making traffic worse)
  4. Don’t change into exit lanes at the last moment if you’ve got plenty of time to do so beforehand
  5. Always let people in (or at least don’t intentionally prevent people from entering your lane)
  6. Never tailgate (with exceptions, but especially while stuck in traffic)
  7. Never brake check (no exceptions)

I miss driving when there was nobody around. Seven years ago I’d drive down I-405 on a Sunday morning at 8am and there’d be nobody. Now I just get stuck in the passing lane.

Discuss with me.

Churches can be wildly different from each other.

You never realize how different the varying denominations of church are until you start volunteering between them. On paper, it’s a no-brainer, but sometimes the differences just hit you like a truck.

More on this later, once the summer’s over. I’ve got one event left.

Constantly being aware is a curse.

Ignorance truly is bliss. Once you get past a certain point of knowledge, you can’t help but notice little things everywhere. I’ve developed my social skills to a point where I can notice when people are more awkward than I am. This number grows every month, and it’s a lot higher than I expected.

Dudes are the most awkward around pretty women (I’ve been lucky enough to spend a substantial amount of time with some attractive women). It’s awkward to watch and awkward to be around.

Self-awareness is a gift, but only up to a certain point. You don’t want to paralyze yourself by over-analyzing; you just have to know what to let go, and when to do it.

Stop advertising me Grammarly and those writing companions. I’m fine.

$5 says they’re keeping tabs on everything you write.