That’s not all.

There’s always more to a story than you know. Things that can’t be conveyed with words: emotions, expressions, body language. Try to get as full of a picture of the story as you can before you make judgment on anything.

That said, I want to address some observations made by the older generations of today, particularly those in positions of hiring power. They say that the main reason millennials can’t keep jobs is: they’re entitled. That’s not the entire story.

There are usually a lot more factors at play, and I can’t say entitlement isn’t one of them. The onlooker might blame entitlement as the primary reason why most millennials choose to move on quickly, but I don’t. Tiny attention spans is to blame.

Think about the culture that surrounds you. Thumb-taps and your phone are the only obstacle between you and the world. Trillions of websites are at your fingertips. Tired of what you’re reading? Try something else! There’s no cost to dropping what you’re doing and just moving on.

To be honest, I haven’t even been able to keep myself from switching windows even in the middle of writing this. Twitch and YouTube have been captivating my attention lately. Twitter and Instagram may be others’ poison, and their popularity are proof of my argument.

This ailment doesn’t afflict just millennials; it affects the older generation as well. Those who were born in the 70s and older suffer from the same issues. The next generation is going to have it even worse; don’t even get me started on generation Z.

The technology revolution is upon us, and this is one of its side effects. The industrial revolution reduced our need for physical labor in order to make society thrive, while this technology revolution seems to be reducing our need for mental labor.

Time will tell us how this revolution will affect the people.