It’s another one of those months where I’ve been thinking about a lot, but not enough to write something in-depth. Most of them are surface-level observations and some guesses on analysis. Here are some of them.

As you get older, you become more willing to let other people down.

My guess for this is that you get more and more busy as you get older, and you realize that nobody’s going to take care of yourself and your family except for you. Therefore, you choose to prioritize those closest to you over those asking favors of you, who are further away.

The way I wrote it probably isn’t the most elegant way of doing so, but that’s certainly how I feel as a young person who relies so much on people who are older than I am.

Today’s youth are in need of validation, more than those of any previous generation.

I say this because of how much I see behavior that would warrant attention. Kids (high-school-aged) will make requests in disguise and await approval from their peers. These sentences often begin with, “I am low-key thinking about [doing]…”

I suppose this is an issue that afflicts adults as well, but kids are much more obvious about it. Today’s technology allows for everybody to be connected all the time, and its absence causes people to act needy.

The presence of strong adult figures in the lives of children is now more important than ever.

If you thought I’d stop writing about the negative effects of technology, you were dead wrong.

Everyone’s a little screwed up.

It’s impossible to raise a kid without making any mistakes. and most character flaws in children stay through adulthood.

Praise a child too little and he will have self-esteem issues.

Praise a child too much and he will become arrogant.

Discipline a child too much and he will lash out at the first smell of freedom.

Discipline a child too little and he’ll go off the rails for his whole life.

Obviously, raising children is a lot more complicated than these black-and-white statements. But I so often see kids with problems due to bad parenting, or a lack of parenting at all. It’s not my place to say anything because I’m not a parent.

I feel dirty.