Painful Irony

1. What if Kim Jong Il only did what he did to keep up appearances and was actually misunderstood? “No no no, I said, ‘Don’t let them leave without eating,’ not ‘Don’t let them leave or eat!'”

2. What if God’s plan for us was to not follow his plan? But by not following his plan you’re following his plan.

3. What if you were allergic to cotton and had a prescription for it but couldn’t reach the pills?

4. “You can either be single and lonely or married and bored. There is no true happiness in life.”

5. “Incredible,” literally means “not credible,” or “not worthy of trust.”

6. “Preview” and “review” are one letter apart yet the stress on each word is on a different syllable.

7. The only people in America who don’t get Memorial Day off are soldiers.

8. You can join the Army at 16 but can’t buy M-rated games until you’re 17.

9. The word “read” rhymes with “lead,” and the word “lead” rhymes with the word “read.”

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