Things I have noticed about myself (in one specific part of life)

Alright, but this is a little personal….

I noticed this about a week ago.

Everybody likes people.

Whether it be of an opposite gender, or of the same one.

And by like, I mean like as in *crush* like.

Sorry if it sounds feminine.

I’ve noticed that since I moved over to this district (seventh grade), I’ve liked girls, but throughout the school year, there’s always been one girl that I’ve liked from beginning to end, and a few girls on the side that I liked less.

But every year, the “like” for the main girl gets weaker and weaker.

In eighth grade, when I actually knew people well enough,  I liked this one girl, and I actually asked her out! But I got a “no.”

In ninth grade, I liked someone, and when Valentine’s Day came around, I kind of walked alongside her and opened my mouth… she looked at me expectantly, but I didn’t say anything. I stopped liking her after that.

Tenth grade. I have yet to even approach this girl about anything.

I don’t know why. The main girl through the year, I barely talk to. Mostly because:
1) I like her from the start and I don’t have the guts to talk to her because.. well… I like her.
2) The girls on the side, I only start liking because I talk to them a lot and know them well.

I’m sure some of you know who some of these people are. Some of you are traitors. I know this for a fact. Please, if I tell you anything about who I like, don’t share it with other people. It’s not like I do it to you.

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