You all know what the theory of evolution is. Adaptation for survival.  “Survival of the fittest.”

But if we trace evolution allllll they way back to the beginning, we have this problem: how did we start? Like… how did the very first cell form?

Some say that we came from nothing. Plausible, yes. Others say that we came from outer space. I think this one is more possible. Why? Let’s go back to the 17th century.

Жили были Louis Pasteur. He’s the person who discovered/invented the process that we now call pasteurization, where you can kill germs by boiling liquids.

In a semi-famous experiment, Pasteur poured chicken broth into flasks with curved necks and boiled some of them with stoppers on (the curved necks were to prevent bacteria from flying directly into the broth). After boiling, he opened them; some without moving the broth, some by tipping the flask so the broth went up the neck and letting it drop back down.

He checked the samples a few weeks later and found that the latter flasks’ broth had all gone bad, but the former flasks’ were all perfectly fine. What he undermined in this experiment was the idea of spontaneous generation–you can’t get something out of nothing. This is what some evolutionists claim happened.

Science tells us that this could not have happened. Therefore we must conclude that we came from outer space. Maybe from another planet, where life exists.

Time will tell.

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I’m baffled because I have no idea where you stand on this idea based on this post.

Why can’t Science and Religion just get along? If you believe in a God, then God created the both of them. Pfft. Why couldn’t God just have used evolution? Perhaps Adam and Eve were the first fully developed humans? Perhaps a day in the bible is a metaphor for millions of billions of years.

Anyways, those are my comments on the subject.

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