I usually like learning things about myself, but sometimes I have to face harsh realities that I don’t want to think about. This happens whenever I get out of my comfort zone.

For the last few years, I’ve taken yearly trips to New York to see the other side of my family, and I’m always exposed to bits of myself that I don’t like. Here are some examples:

  1. I’m really bad at hiding my irritation with people when I spend long periods of time with them.
  2. I subconsciously refuse to give validation to people who say things that (I suspect) are saying them for validation.
  3. I refuse to acknowledge the efforts of people when they’ve come to the wrong conclusion about something, even if I can see it took them a lot of effort to arrive there.
  4. I have a high tolerance for physical labor but an extremely low tolerance for mental labor.

Now that I’m aware of these faults of mine, there’s no logical step forward other than to work on them. I was aware of points number 1 and 4 a while ago, but just refused to admit that they were problems for me.

I should pin this post somewhere.

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