So last post I spoke of trouble with BYU Independent Study courses. Let me tell you about my week.

My week started about a month ago, when my counselor called me down to her office and told her I should probably get started on assignments. So slowly but surely, I start doing the assignments and I get one of the two classes finished. The other took a little longer because it was a little more difficult and it needed me to look through a textbook. I did most of this throughout doing musical and having AP tests.

Last week, I finished up the assignments and requested the final exam. Feeling pretty confident on it because I studied, I took the test and realized I had failed the class. Not knowing why or how, I calculated my scores out and noticed that I shouldn’t have failed the class with the percentage that I got (it was in the mid to low 60’s).

I call up the Independent Study offices  and ask them what’s going on. It turns out that one assignment–assignment 7–is the only instructor-graded assignment in the course, and since I got a zero on it, I got a zero in the course. I got a zero on the assignment because the instructions said to “initial the lines” and I x’d them instead. The first time I didn’t sign at the bottom, either, but the second time I signed at the bottom but left the x’s there. My instructor failed me.

I frantically email my instructor, apologizing and begging her to let me resubmit the assignment. A few days later she replies, saying that she’ll allow me to do it. This was Sunday. On Monday after 5th Ave Awards, I finish up the assignment properly and have my dad one-day it through USPS. The assignment is checked in at approximately 8:30AM on Tuesday. I expect to hear news on Wednesday, because if I don’t get news by Thursday before graduation, I’m not allowed to graduate.

I don’t get news on Wednesday.

By this time, my mom is freaking out, my counselor is freaking out, and I’m freaking out. I call BYU on Wednesday and ask if they’ve gotten my package. “No,” they say. “We usually get our mail around 12PM Mountain Time, and if it’s not here, then we must usually don’t get it until the next day. However, there is another round of express mail that comes in at about 3PM, Mountain Time.” I must have called them about three times that day. On Thursday, I call back again at about 11 and they say that they don’t have it. I call up my dad and ask him to give me the tracking number (the first time he gives me the wrong tracking number, and when I called USPS to check the location of my package, they said it doesn’t exist. I freaked out). I learn that my package arrived at the Utah post office at around 12:10PM.

I’m calling my mom between calls and I’m finally told that I have to wait. I go back to school and tell my counselor what I’ve heard. I ask if I can walk at graduation if I don’t get any news. No dice.

I go home. I’ve nearly given up.  I sit for two hours, contemplating everything from running away to suicide. Well, it crossed my mind. I realize that I haven’t given God any thought throughout the whole thing and I start praying, confident that he’ll help me. At about 4:00, I recieve an email saying that they’ve gotten my resubmission, but they don’t say anything about a change in my gradebook (which they usually do after they grade an assignment). I say, “This is no time for humor, God.” I call BYU again, whose customer service reps seem to be quite annoyed by me, and I ask them if they can do anything to speed up the process. They say that they’ve done all they could.

About half an hour later, which is about an hour and a half before I’m supposed to be at graduation, I get the email saying that there’s a change in my grades. My stressing is finally over.

After graduation, my brother and friends are walking with me back to the car. My friend starts singing the line from “Salvation is Here”, “I know my God saved the day.” I laughed inside at the irony and think, “Thanks, God. T_T”

I figure that this time was proabably used by God to tell me to come back to him and to put more faith in him. The only problem is, now, that I have a grad party I really want to go to tomorrow (today) which goes from 4:30-whenever, but I have praise practice from 4-6 and missions training from 7-whenever. I should probably go to church considering all the favors he’s done for me this week, but then I also really want to go to my good friend’s house.

I don’t have much time to decide.

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BYU Independent Study has really bad grading practices. I got 100% in the whole course and they gave me an “A-“. I emailed them about it, and they said it was a simple error, and that they would change it.

They never changed it.

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