Why have I been gone?

A few reasons. It started with a trip to Korea that left me unable to update my QOTD on a daily basis, then an error with my browser and reCAPTCHA that kept me from logging in after I got back.

I switched browsers. Everything’s fine now.

The last two months have been far from uneventful. The Korea trip was full of a ridiculous amount of delicious food, but I actually lost weight from walking around so much. I saw PC Cafes, from cheap to luxurious, and got to see some of the Korean-war-era American-influenced history in the form of memorials and statues.

Korea’s a weird place. There’s no middle class, and the line between the rich and poor is vast. It’s definitely going through the growing pains of being a country that’s recently come across a huge amount of wealth and still doesn’t really know how to use it effectively.

In November, the church blew up. There was weeping and gnashing of teeth. Not much else happened.

December was full of gigs with ECV (eight, to be exact), that had us traveling all over Washington. It was a time of my own fulfillment, where I could brag that I learned 26 songs in three months and had 98% of the notes down. I tried to keep a lid on it, though. No sense in leaving a bad impression on your newest best friends.

All the while, I’ve been watching the stock market and investing into other places. My goal is to never enter the rat race again.

As cheap as a recap post is, I kinda need it in lieu of my missing QOTD months. The time away has been refreshing, no doubt, but I’ll be back next month with the regularly-scheduled post full of pessimism and introspection.

I hope you’re excited for it. I sure am!

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