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I had a few days (or weeks) to think. I came up with this.

I want to learn more languages. I want to learn Spanish, Japanese, French, Polish, Korean, German, and some others. Recently I figured out that since some  languages come from the same root language (like the Indo-European language), the languages are really similar. I used some of my background knowledge from learning Russian to figure out what someone said in Spanish. It’s weird. They’re on opposite sides of Eurasia, and yet they’re so similar.

It works with writing, too. I can (kinda) write in Chinese, so I can (kinda) write in Korean. And a lot of Japanese  Kanji….? I can recognize from reading Chinese.

Our school teaches four (five including English) Indo-European languages, and only one  language that’s not. I find that kind of dumb, since they’re pretty much similar. Japanese is its own language family, which is Japonic (I could have sworn it was a branch of Chinese).
Wow… I was looking through Wikipedia and I saw that Japanese and Korean have no relation to Chinese. But I speak Chinese rather fluently and I can see where Korean is very similar to Chinese. I haven’t had as much exposure to Japanese.

I know all this stuff is probably really obvious to you. I just didn’t think the languages were THAT related.

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Just to comment on some previous posts all at one time:

“School feels like Communism” – More true than you know!

“Drink tea” – Yes, tea is better for you. It also helps keep your bones strong, I hear.

As for language, French and Spanish are also very similar as I have come to learn. I hear they also use Korean for speech therapy.

I really agree on the Tea thing, it’s very enjoyable to have a nice hot cup of tea while doing normal everyday functions such as reading or doing homework.

And for the similarities between Chinese and Korean, there ARE a few words that are the same in chinese as they are in Korean, such as the word “Sport”

I’d also like to pursue more languages, right now I’ve studied French and Chinese as foreign languages and I hope to continue my Chinese and start up on French again, I’d also like to be able to speak Tagolog andd Visaya, which I already can understand completely. I also want to learn some latin because latin is coo’. Haha and

Gah, I want to learn so many languages, but they are so hard! Spanish is killing me, but I want to learn it. Haha, but good one Jonny! Love.

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