Our most recent talks in small groups and at school (with a non-Christian) has got me thinking.

Crap, I just lost my train of thought.

Now I must send two people emails before I forget.

Oh yeah, here’s a little riddle thingy.

I am the sunlight
Caressing the world
And blanketing it in my glory

I am gently Prometheus
Breathing life into mortals
And spurring them against what we hold to be true

I am the envy of lust
The thwarter of hate
The fire to spark the deadly sins

I am the flame of the candle
Combusted into the hungry jaws
Of a fire with no extinguisher

I am the talented bassist
Basking in the light of the stage
Your heart is merely the instrument of my choice

I am the blaze of desire
Licking the shards of ice
Embedded deep within your frigid soul

I am the circle of life
For more often than I die
I am reborn from the ashes of the phoenix

I am the ruthless warlord
My dominion knows no bounds
Once you are my prisoner, there is no escape

I am the glass figurine
Balanced high upon the mantle
Shatter me too many times and I cannot be mended again

I am the unanswerable question
Poised on the edge of one’s tongue
Once asked, there is no going back

What am I?

One reply on “Religion”

Religion. Dawg. I’m only going to explain myself if someone tries to prove me wrong. Prove me wrong. I dare you.

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